Packing Supplies

At our San Diego moving company, we offer the best recommendations to help your move go smooth. In fact, we can provide you with high quality packing supplies, such as, strong, corrugated boxes and custom made boxes that offer added protection to prevent damage to your goods. Alternatively, you may select grocery and liquor store boxes, but there is a risk that insect eggs will be present in these types of boxes or your boxes may not bear the weight of your items. You may decide to use old newspapers as filling material, but the ink may transfer onto your goods. For these reasons, it is wisest to invest in high quality packing supplies. The return on investment in quality packing supplies will provide you with ultimate safety and security for your goods. In the meantime, we have a few basic tips.

  • For simple identification, use labels and magic markers.
  • For added protection, use Styrofoam pellets and bubble wrap.
  • For fragile items, use tissue paper or corrugated paper rolls.
  • For sealing boxes, use packing adhesive tape and possibly twine to secure boxes- not masking tape.
  • To keep a box count and content log, purchase a notebook and pencil or pen.
  • For any cutting needs, have scissors and a sharp knife on hand.