5 Ways to Maximize Living Space Moving tips

Moving from a large space to a smaller one? Tips to help make your moving easier.

When moving to a smaller space, you may need to maximize your living space or if you live in a small apartment, space can sometimes feel like a luxury. Maximizing your living space might seem impossible with all the stuff we accumulate over time. But, if you feel like your living space is getting smaller (even when it’s not), maybe you should consider these 5 ways to maximize your living space with some of these tips.

1. Use the corners of your rooms

You can use the corners of your room for storage. Try putting up shelves or small cabinets in the corners to make these otherwise empty spaces more functional. Look around your home and find corners that could be used for storage, a reading nook, or even displaying your favorite plants.

2. Be smart about your storage solutions

Nowadays, you don’t need a cabinet or a bookshelf for storage. From sofas, coffee tables, and even beds, everything has some sort of storage solution that we could use. Invest in furniture pieces with storage to help you organize your things better and maximize the living space.

3. Distribute your furniture evenly across the room

It’s easy to crowd the room with furniture. Spread out your furniture more, so it feels less crowded. This tip is particularly helpful in the living room. Ensure there’s enough space between each furniture piece to allow free movement around the room.

4. Use your walls

One way to free up living space is by maximizing your vertical space. Consider installing some shelves where you can display plants, organize books, and organize other items that might take up too much space on tables and chairs. You can also get baskets to better organize everything on the shelves. Not only will this save you tons of space, but it will also create an aesthetically-pleasing accent in your decor.

5. Keep editing yourself

Sure, setting ways with some of the things in our homes is challenging. However, occasionally, it’s in our best interest to edit ourselves and get rid of things that no longer serve us. Consider selling or donating items you don’t always use but take up a lot of space in your home. Schedule a “home cleaning” event at least every season to help eliminate clutter.

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Geraldine Orentas is a writer in partnership with designer furniture retailer Bauhaus 2 Your House