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Technology Support

We are proud to work with our local businesses and government entities to provide server and technology movement and placement services. Our team of commercial moving experts have the experience and training required to plan, support and execute the most challenging and delicate hardware relocations. We offer flexible and individualized moving plans and processes to fit the needs of your business and budget.  We can play the support role to your IT department to assist them in planning or executing your move, or we can provide you a full service relocation plan, execution, and real time status reports.


Creating and refining a plan for your server and/or hardware relocation process is the most important step that can make all the difference in your moving experience. We take the time to understand your constraints, requirements, resources and strengths to create a plan that will reduce or prevent any downtime in your business. All of our Project Managers are PMI Certified and experienced in the communication, documentation and flexibility that is required to lead a multi-faceted technology relocation project.


With the assistance of our Project Manager and Operations Manager, our technology moving team is empowered and motivated to protect and care for the hardware as they pack, relocate and place it where and when it needs to go. Our teams have worked with each other over the course of the past decade and their efficiency is the proof. We make sure our team is informed and prepared to execute the necessary steps throughout the life of the project.


The best way to ensure a project is on track to meeting all the project goals is to keep everyone informed of the risks, progress and current issues. Depending on the time frame of your project, our Project team will provide written or verbal status updates throughout the planning and execution phases. You can expect real time status calls throughout the most critical server and technology movement and placement processes.


Your dedicated moving team will plan your move prior to moving day, will execute your move on the moving day, and then will stay with you for a set amount of time after your move. The day or week after your move is an adjustment period for your employees and equipment and changes may need to be made after the move. Our team will work with you on the level of support you need after the move to ensure you’re not left to figure out those adjustments on your own. We want to make sure that your business is back to normal with little to no disruption.

Technology Services

IT Team Support

Your technology team is going to busy enough adjusting to the moving process themselves and supporting their employees and customers throughout the move.  Allow our team to take as much as we can off of their workload so they can support your business. We’ll work with your to disconnect and reconnect computers, printers, phones and hardware as needed. Our customer service dedicated team will also help your employees make sure they are connected to the printer closest to them, that their phone settings are as they need, and that their computer is set up as they would like it. We can provide walk around services so employees are able to find and flag us down in real time or have a phone number they can call for us to ask questions. We will work with your budget and needs to provide the support that best fits your business needs.

Packing and Labeling

To ensure continuity throughout your move, our relocation team will wrap, pack and label each component at your employees’ desks. Employees are often trying to be helpful when they packing and/or label their own equipment for us to move, however often times that is a detriment to the process. There is a reduction of errors and confusion when the professional moving team wraps, labels and packs each item themselves, as they know the proper methods and techniques to do so.  We utilize anti-static materials to wrap and safe guard your hardware.

Managed technology Relocation Services

  • Workstation Movement to disconnect and reconnect every component your employees need
  • Data center relocation involving multiple locations and complex systems
  • Technology Move Management to organize and professionally plan your relocation
  • Hardware Deployment and testing of new technology or phone systems
  • Technology Inventory Management of printers, computers, keyboards and other computer accessories
  • Recycling and Re-purposing of decommissioned hardware materials