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Will moving companies move plants?

Long distance moves and shipping is hard on all living things (including plants) because of restricted airflow, water and sunlight. Most companies do not prefer to ship plants; however, it is possible to move plants safely during a local, one day move.

Will moving companies pack for me?

Experienced and licensed moving companies, like One Stop Moving & Storage, do everything you need for your move, including packing and disassembling and reassembling furniture. A full service move includes professional packing and is the right choice for those who are too busy to pack or are not experienced in packing and don’t want anything to break. You can either chose to buy your own packing materials for the professionals to use, or you can chose for the movers to bring and use their own materials.

How do moving companies charge?

All moving companies in California are required to charge customers based on the Public Utility Commission’s equation, which is: (Loading+Unloading+(Drive time x 2)).

  • Movers start charging when they arrive at your house.
  • Double drive time: If it takes the movers 15 minutes to drive from your old house to your new house, they will charge 30 minutes of drive time.
  • Standard rates apply as the movers unload the truck and will stop charging when all items are off of the truck (unless the customer would like the movers to continue to work on arranging and assembling furniture).

Here are some common charges and rules that most moving companies apply themselves:

  • Fuel rates apply.
  • Packing materials are not included and are sold separately.
  • A 4 hour minimum for each job (it is uncommon for moving companies to move ‘one off’ items like refrigerators or bed room sets.
  • After the minimum hours have been met, most moving companies charge in 15 minute increments.
Will moving companies move food?

Yes, moving companies will move your refrigerated and frozen food as long as the move will be completed on the same day. If you’re packing yourself, pack the cold food at the very end of the loading process. The movers will put the cold food box on the truck last, then will unpack that box first at your destination for you to unpack right away. If the movers are packing your belongings for you, then they know how to do this process without any direction from you.

Will moving companies store your stuff?

Not all companies do moving and storage. Make sure to ask your company what they offer.

One Stop Moving & Storage does offer moving and storage service.

Can moving companies move cars?

No, there are specialty companies for moving cars. Ask your moving company for recommendations.

Car Transportation: AA Auto Transport

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