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Long Distance Moving Cost Calculator

Long Distance Moving Cost Calculator

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Price is based on one truck 26ft and 26,000 maximum gross weight.

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One Stop Moving & Storage San Diego will make your long distance intrastate (within California) moving experience safe, secure, cost-efficient, and hassle free. Our prices are based on the total weight of your possessions and distance of the move. It is not only our job to safely move your items, but we feel it is our job to make sure your move is a smooth transition from start to finish.

Long distance intrastate moving isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot of planning, coordination, and can be quite complex. That’s why it’s important that you make the right choice when selecting a long distance intrastate moving company. The moving company you choose should sit with you one-on-one to create a customized moving plan to fit your moving needs.

Your moving plan will include everything from the basics of your move (where you are moving to and from, dates, times, etc), as well as the more complex moving services you may need (coordination with other companies, storage, packing, etc). One Stop Moving & Storage will provide you with a personalized long distance moving plan right down to the last detail.

Our trained moving experts will review all those details with you and make any last minute changes if needed.

Our Long Distance Movers Division

Here at One Stop Moving & Storage San Diego we will pack your belongings so that they are safe and secure while they are in transit and in storage (if needed). We will pack your belongings and unpack them once we arrive to your new location. It is our pleasure to provide courteous and professional long distance Intrastate moving services at your convenience.

The long-distance moving process can look and feel like a local move in many ways:

  • All furniture is wrapped in blue padded moving blankets that prevent damage to the furniture, walls and flooring during the transit process. These pads stay on the furniture for the duration of the moving and storage process.
  • All furniture items and boxes are color coded and labeled with lot storage numbers and an itemized list of every belonging is written down and a copy is given to the customer.
  • The moving process is over when the customer says it is over. After all items are unloaded and all moving pads are removed from the furniture the customer can determine that they would like to end the move then, or they can continue to utilize the moving team’s experience to reassemble and rearrange furniture for as long as the customer would like.
Some ways that the long-distance moving process is very different than the local moving process is the duration of the overall moving experience. If a move is within 800 miles from San Diego, then loading the truck can occur on one day and the items can be delivered to the customer the following day. When someone is moving further than the 800-mile threshold then delivery can be schedule anywhere from 3 day up to 3 weeks later (depending on the customer’s needs). If more ‘lag time’ is needed between the loading date and the delivery date then we can provide storage services as needed. We can work together to build timelines that work with the customer’s schedules.

There are 2 options for planning your long-distance moving budget.

  • A Professional Assessor can review your home or items to move and provide you with a written flat rate for you moving process. We can factor in all steps of storage or unknown timelines into this written rate as well. This is the easiest and most assured way for you to plan your moving budget.
  • The second option is less desirable for many customers, but it is still an option that we provide to meet the standards of the California Public Utility Commissions. This process consists of the moving team weighing the moving truck at a loading station, then loading the truck with all items to be moved, and then weighing the truck again. We subtract the weight of the empty truck from the weight of the full truck and then charge a per pound price. While this method is very accurate, it also allows for very little to no budget planning for our customers.

Moving from San Diego to Nevada?

One Stop Moving & Storage is a licensed and insured moving company that specializes in local moves within San Diego. We were voted the best moving company in San Diego by Channel 8 KFMB in, and are accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating. We only hire full time, professional, experienced and highly motivated movers. We do not use part-time or temporary employees, which allows us to build reliable and well trained moving and packing teams. Whether you need packing, shipping or moving services, One Stop will carefully handle from the smallest item to the largest ones!

Our 98.75% satisfied customers can prove it!

Average rate to Arizona

$ 4,400 Moving to Arizona
  • Packing service is not included
  • This price is for a 26 foot truck, not to exceed 26,000 LBS gross weight.

Average rate to Nevada

$ 4,200 Moving to Nevada
  • Packing service is not included
  • This price is for a 26 foot truck, not to exceed 26,000 LBS gross weight.

Moving to Utah

$ 4,750 Moving to Utah
  • Packing service is not included
  • This price is for a 26 foot truck, not to exceed 26,000 LBS gross weight.

Rate to New Mexico

$ 5,200 Rate to New Mexico
  • Packing service is not included
  • This price is for a 26 foot truck, not to exceed 26,000 LBS gross weight.

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