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Moving to Nevada, Be in the Know!

If you’re not from Nevada, it may be difficult to fit in if you don’t know the history, the traditions and the attractions to live a healthy lifestyle in Nevada.  Who wants to feel left out, especially if you are moving to Nevada. After all, you’ll be interacting with neighbors, working for a Nevada company and enjoying Nevada attractions. So, let’s bring you into the know about moving to Nevada to make you feel right at home.

  1. The Nevada Desert is in a One Stop Shop of Enjoyment

With most of the wealth of the state is located in the desert and only seven inches of rain per year on average, you can enjoy that dry landscape with many tempting activities.  From camping out under the stars to rock climbing and zip lining, there are plenty of ways to blend in with the tradition of attractions in Nevada.  The vast majority of the state is in the Great Basin and southern Nevada is located in the Mojave Desert.

  1. Enjoy Nevada’s Winter Wonderland

There are mountain peaks and ski resorts filled with fun activities. Year around, you and your family can partake in snow covered events, music festivals, skiing and much more!

  1. The Mardi Gras on Nevada Day

Dating back to 1938, Nevadans have celebrated Nevada Day on the last Friday of October. It’s a day to recognize the anniversary of official statehood, a legal state holiday in every inch of Nevada. With a focus on Carson City, visitors and residents from near and far come to enjoy the state’s parade, rock drilling contests, a battle of bands, beard contests and many other events including sports events.

  1. Traveling Alongside Nevadans

Nevadans roll down their windows to enjoy the natural fresh air while taking advantage of the state’s 20 road trip-friendly byways, such Valley Of Fire Scenic Byway, the breathtaking Angel Lake Scenic Byway and the ET Fresh Jerky. If you’re interested in alone time, Route 50 is the first choice with 287 miles across the entire state. It’s the perfect way to turn up the music and enjoy some free time.

  1. Area 51 and UFOs

Nevada ranks second with the highest percentage of UFO sightings per capita in the country. A trip down Highway 375 may be an eye opening experience because of the high number of UFO sightings. Also known as  Extraterrestrial Highway, the road appears to lead to Area 51. Nevada is mysterious with many hidden military bases throughout the state.

  1. Nevadans Drink and Be Merry

With 21 breweries across the state, you can rejoice in drinking beers among the locals. There are beer festivals for all around fun throughout the year. Try Vegas, Reno, or just south of Carson City for a great adventure amidst the locals who love beer drinking.

  1. Happy Hour Rejoice with 24 Hour Service

You’ll never hear “last call” in the state of Nevada. It is legal for bars to stay open 24 hours per day. In fact,  beer, wine and liquor can be sold from supermarkets, liquor and convenience stores at any time of the day.

  1. Lake Tahoe is a Go To

Known as Heaven on Earth, Lake Tahoe has the largest alpine lake in the country. People from across the U.S. travel to Lake Tahoe to enjoy summer vacationer’s dream events, gorgeous ski resorts and events to enjoy in the winter.

  1. Learning In Nevada Is More Like Fun

Nevada is full of a wide spectrum of museums that range from educational and historical to bizarre and fun. There are far too many to name, but you can get your science fix at the Discovery Museum or learn all about the nuclear testing sites at the National Atomic Testing Museum. Fans of American Pickers will love the Neon Museum, where all vintage neon signs go to live on. Whatever your preference, there’s something for everyone.

  1. Nevadans Enjoy Sin City

The Las Vegas Strip is lit up with dazzling casinos, bars and women. It’s a city that is also rich in around-the-clock events and entertainment from the top musicians in the world to a variety of Cirque du Soleil shows, magicians, comedians and more. It’s also home to great shopping, tasteful museums, crazy rides, whimsical festivals and some of the best restaurants in the world.

  1. Gambling is a Known Treat Throughout the State

Gambling is legal in all of Nevada. So, you can take a trip off the beaten path to reach local highlights, such as  Sunset Station in Henderson. Alternatively,  if you wish to live off the high life, you may choose to gamble in Las Vegas.

  1. Nevada is Liberal.

Nevada is a state that does not collect state income tax. Add to this lenient laws on gambling, marriage and divorce, Nevada is a great place for liberals.

  1. Burning Man Is In

In Black Rock City once a year, Burning Man is Nevada’s wildly popular counterculture event. Some nude some scantly clad dressed , 60,000 plus take advantage of a radical day filled with artistic expression to celebrate nature for an entire week. The celebration takes place alongside Labor Day weekend.

  1. Gourmet Chocolate Delights

100 years in the making, the Ethel M Chocolate Factory opened in Henderson by Ethel Mars 1978. You can take a day tour of the factory or go to your local convenience store to enjoy Snickers  and Twix from the factory.

  1. Nevadans Are World Class Land Sailors

Land sailing is a Nevada hobby and Nevada is the premiere destination for hopping in a land yacht and cruising through the sands of the desert. Land sailors from around the world gather for the state’s Land Sailing World Championships and America’s Land Sailing Cup.

  1. Nevada is Haunted with Mysterious Legends and Tales

Considered one of the most haunted states in the country, Nevada is home to legendary supernatural legends and tales. You’ll also find notable haunted places such as McKay Mansion and Goldfield Hotel.  Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is said to be haunted with dead celebrities.

  1. Car Heaven

Nevada is an auto friendly state with plenty of  car shows, expos, auto museums, events and races. You can find the annual Hot August Night event and the National Automobile Museum in Reno. You can check out the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, home to the NASCAR event Kobalt Tools 400, for shiny, speeding cars. You may hear drag racing going on just about anywhere in Nevada.

  1. Halloween is for Everyone

With spooky stage performances, laser light displays, costume contests, dancing and much more, Nevada is rich on enticing  Halloween events for the young and old. The Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball in Las Vegas was rated as one of the Top 5 Events To See Before You Die by Maxim Magazine, The Top 10 Events In The World by the Travel Channel, and The World’s Wildest Halloween Party by Bizarre Magazine. Just to name a few.

  1. Nevadans Share in the Luck of the Irish

The Nevada Sons & Daughters of Erin St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival in Henderson puts on the biggest show for a party.  You can dive into green with events like the St. Baldrick’s Head Shaving event. You can check out the awesome costumes, local cuisine, great food and beer tents.

  1. Nevada: The Land of Exploration

There’s never a reason to feel you can’t be entertained after moving to Nevada. With picturesque views and year round fun filled activities, you’ll never be bored in Nevada.