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We will gladly give you an over the phone estimate. However, because we want to provide you with the most accurate pricing prior to your move, we highly recommend you take advantage your FREE visual moving estimate!

Your free visual moving estimate San Diego is performed by one of our highly experienced and friendly moving specialists. At One Stop Moving & Storage, we will provide you with a flat rate for your move to prevent any unexpected costs or unforeseen issues upon arriving at your destination. Contact us to schedule your free visual estimate!

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Visual Moving Estimate San Diego

Moving can be draining and the cost of hiring a moving company can be daunting. While you’re flipping through the phone book or searching the internet consider this-does the moving company offer a free in-home visual estimate? Stop for a moment and think about the importance of a visual estimate. Would you want your dentist to give you a quote over the phone on the cost of fixing your teeth? While we aren’t dentists, we know the importance of accurate estimates. Here at One Stop Moving & Storage we want you to receive a fair price quote based on the actual items to be moved. We will help you save money in the long run by providing you with a great price and offering you money saving tips.

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FREE Visual Moving Estimate San Diego

As soon as our moving experts knock on your front door, you’ll know you’ve chosen the right moving company. Our professional and courteous staff will walk through your home and inventory the items you want moved. They will decide how many men are needed for your big move, helping to make you move as efficient as possible. One Stop Moving & Storage will also estimate how many days it will take from start to finish to complete your move in San Diego. We realize that your mind is on overload and we want your move to be hassle free. Choosing One Stop Moving & Storage means peace of mind during this stressful time. Choosing our company means that you can count on us to make it happen quickly and smoothly.

We know that you’ll have many questions, so why not ask? One of our trained experts will sit down with you to explain the how’s’ and why’s of your big day. We will review all the details from the transport to the delivery. We will explain how we will package your belongings. We offer bubble wrapping to protect your possessions and special crating for larger items. We won’t leave out any details including your insurance options. Why trust any moving company when you have a reliable and trustworthy team of professionals’ right at your fingertips? With many years of experience behind us why would you look anywhere else? Pick up the phone today and give us a call for your free at-home visual estimate.

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