Moving from San Diego to Nevada

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Minimum Rate to Navada

$ 4,000
  • Packing service is not included
  • Price is for one 26 Foot truck, not to exceed 26,000 LBS gross weight.

Maximum Rate to Navada

$ 6,500
  • Packing service is not included
  • Price is for one 26 Foot truck, not to exceed 26,000 LBS gross weight.



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San Diego Movers. Packing Up & Moving Your Kitchen

Packing Up & Moving Your Kitchen

Packing Up & Moving Your Kitchen

A lot of time and effort goes into the preparatory work when you are preparing to move. Not only do you need to pack up the closets and cover the furniture, but there is one area of the house that requires special attention: the kitchen.

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Tips for moving items in a pickup truck by San Diego Movers

Tips for Moving Items in a Pickup

Not only are pickup trucks stylish and fun to drive, but these oversized vehicles can also be a great way to move large items. Whether you are bringing home new furniture or loading the back of the truck with construction supplies, it’s essential to properly secure the load before hitting the road.

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Moving into a new home. in San Diego

Backyard Grooming Tips For Your New Home

Moving is a daunting task and One Stop Moving and Storage is a full service moving company specializing in moving San Diego customers. We offer moving services from packing assistance and packing supplies to storage and local or long distance moves. Our professional moving company crew is dedicated to make a move less stressful.

For those selling a home, or moving to a new house where the backyard may need a quick groom, below is a check list of tips to spruce up and enjoy throughout the year.

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5 Ways to Maximize Living Space Moving tips

5 Ways to Maximize Living Space

If you live in a small apartment, space can sometimes feel like a luxury. Maximizing your living space might seem impossible with all the stuff we accumulate over time. But, if you feel like your living space is getting smaller (even when it’s not), maybe you should consider some of these tips.

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Moving tips for selling your treasures

Determining the Value of Your Silverware

When moving there is a good chance treasures overlooked for years appear. Customers using a moving service like to get insurance during the process. As a moving and storage company, we get questions of how to value property, and refer to appraisers for information. However, we can do a little research to offer tips to make your move as easy as possible. If you pulled out silverware from your grandmother or the set from your wedding a few tips to identify a worth. 

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