Tips for moving items in a pickup truck

Tips for Moving Items in a Pickup

Not only are pickup trucks stylish and fun to drive, but these oversized vehicles can also be a great way to move large items. Whether you are bringing home new furniture or loading the back of the truck with construction supplies, it’s essential to properly secure the load before hitting the road.

The AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety recently reported that an estimated 25,000 crashes occur each year due to poorly secured loads. In addition to vehicle damage, these unsecured loads can also cause severe injuries to vehicle passengers – with approximately 90 fatalities occurring annually in the United States due to these accidents.

5 Best Tips for Securing a Pickup Load

When you are loading up the pickup truck, it’s essential that you are deliberate about securing the load. Not only will these tips protect the items that you are transporting, but a secured load also helps to reduce the risk of an accident on the road. Follow these tips whenever you are loading up items in a pickup truck:

  1. Use the Right Tie-Down Accessories: Everything needs to be tied down, and good accessories make it easy to secure the load. Have quality tie-downs on hand, and make sure tie-down anchors are available on the truck bed and tie-downs on the bed floor. If you are often moving things in a pickup, adding additional tie-down features such as racks or truck rails might be worth considering.
  2. Cover the Load: Cargo nets and covers are helpful to keep everything securely in place. Plus, covering the load is helpful for weather resistance and protecting the items in your pickup bed.
  3. Know Weight Restrictions: Know the payload limits for your truck and respect these weight limits. Transporting too much at once can damage the truck’s suspension system, shocks, and other parts.
  4. Be Strategic with Weight Placement: Heavier items should always be on the bottom and positioned near the cab of the truck. Also, make sure the weight is evenly distributed between both sides of the truck.
  5. Wrap Loose or Flimsy Items: If anything is loose, then it can flop around while you are driving – often resulting in damage to those items and to the truck. Anything loose or flimsy can be protected by wrapping it in stretch cling film before transporting it in the back of a truck.

A little bit of work goes a long way to protect your load and minimize the risk of an accident while driving. Moving tips brought to you by the best San Diego moving company for local or long distance moves throughout Southern California.