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The average piano weighs anywhere from 300 to 600 pounds, but could easily weigh up to 1400 pounds. Now that you’ve decided to move you’re wondering how in the world your piano is going to be packed and moved and still stay in one piece. If your piano isn’t properly packed this could result in some serious damage. Most accidents occur when non-professionals try to move the piano using the piano wheels. Piano wheels were not meant for moving your piano! We recommend not hiring an inexperienced moving company. If you want your piano to arrive to its new home in one piece and in the same condition as it left, you’ll need to call on professional piano movers San Diego to get the job done. One Stop Moving & Storage only uses proper equipment and techniques, guaranteeing the safety of your piano.

When it comes to moving large items such as your piano, you can leave it to us. There is no need to panic, we’ll pack your piano with the utmost care so you can sit back and relax while we get the job done. One will carefully pack your piano by wrapping it and properly crating it, so it will arrive to its new location the same way it left. Our professional piano movers San Diego specialize in moving all types of pianos including baby grand’s, concertos, uprights, and spinets.

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Choosing the Best Piano Movers San Diego

We realize that moving can be stressful enough with packing normal everyday items. We don’t want you to worry about those larger items such as your grand piano. Our team of experts will evaluate your needs and decide which equipment is best for you. It is our goal to provide quality piano moving services so your move is easier and less stressful. We will supply everything from wheeled platforms, padded blankets, dollies, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, and special wood/box crating. Our vehicles are specifically designed with lift gates and air-ride suspension so we can safely transport large items. You will experience a damage free move every time. Plus, we will fully insure your piano and your home during the entire moving process-from start to finish.

Customer satisfaction and peace of mind is our number 1 priority! We want you to have the peace of mind knowing that your piano is being moved by skilled moving experts. It is our job to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Additional insurance coverage is also available upon request. No job is too big or too small for One Stop Moving & Storage!

Our team of professionals will carefully handle the relocation your finest possessions, including all types of musical instruments. We specialize in moving pianos including spinet, upright, grand, and concerto. We will ensure the utmost care of your belongings by properly crating and wrapping each individual item as needed.

For each step of your move, we will appropriately assess what type of equipment is needed. We supply you with everything including wheeled platforms, dollies, padded blankets, bubble and shrink- wrap, and special wood/box crating in order to haul each item safely. Additionally, our vehicles are equipped with lift gates and air-ride suspension specifically designed to transport specialty items.

You can feel relaxed in knowing that your important items are in experienced, skilled, and careful hands. We also provide resources for additional insurance coverage plans, available to you upon request. Let One Stop Moving & Storage Inc. handle the job while you feel comfortable knowing that everything is simply taken care of.

You can feel relaxed in knowing that your important items are in experienced, skilled, and careful hands. We also provide resources for additional insurance coverage plans, available to you upon request. Let One Stop Moving & Storage Inc. handle the job while you feel comfortable knowing that everything is simply taken care of.
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Insurance for Piano Moving

It makes sense to want to protect your possessions during the moving process, especially the expensive, meaningful and invaluable items in your home. For many people, one of these valuable items is a piano. Not only is a piano large, expensive, delicate and breakable, it can also be a family heirloom or an invaluable piece of family pleasure and recreation. The first step in protecting your piano during the moving process is to select a moving company that specializes in piano moves. This company should be insured, licensed, experienced and have multiple years of positive reviews of piano moving in your local area.

The second, and often more complex and confusing part, is insuring your piano during the moving process. Like all insurance matters, there are levels of insurance and coverage that vary depending on multiple factors and there is rarely a simple and correct answer for everyone.

The standard insurance that is offered by moving companies in California is called Release Value Protection and only offers $0.60 on the pound. This means that if your 300 pound piano is damaged then you would only receive $180 in compensation. This is obviously not the optimal insurance coverage for pianos, which is why Full Value Protection is available.

This additional insurance coverage is offered by any 3rd party insurance company and is the more comprehensive insurance option that is better suited for moving larger and more expensive items, such as pianos. While this insurance comes at an additional expense to the customer, it will ensure the complete repair or replacement of your items during the moving process. One Stop Moving & Storage performs continuous research on 3rd party moving insurance so that we are able to provide a recommendation to our customers. It is our opinion that MovingInsurance.com offers the best prices, customer service and overall value for anyone that is looking for additional moving insurance. You are welcome to research this company at their website: MovingInsurance.com and/or can call their direct contact for any further questions: Trish (973) 435-4452.

PLEASE NOTE: One Stop Moving & Storage or any persons working here do not receive any commission, payment, kickbacks, or cookies for sharing our recommended 3rd party insurance company. We only offer this as a suggestion to people who are looking for insurance and would like a place to start their research. We welcome you to perform your own research as well and select any 3rd party insurance option that works best for you. In fact, you should also check your Homeowner’s or Renter’s insurance policy to see if they offer any insurance solutions for you as well.

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Grand / Baby Grand Pianos

As the name Grand Pianowould suggest, this is the largest of the piano types and typically are the most costly. What makes these pianos so large is that their soundboards are laid out horizontally. When you lift the top of the piano open, you will see the soundboard with the strings and hammers on the inside. A baby grand piano still has the standard 88 keys that the grand piano has, but has a smaller soundboard so the sound is not as loud.

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Upright Pianos

These are the most common, as they take up less space in your house, are less expensive and are quieter and have a warmer sound (which is preferable inside smaller spaces). The space savings is in the vertical soundboard, which have strings that run down to the ground instead of across the width of the piano. The hammers in this piano utilize springs instead of gravity, which can make a difference in the sound that is produced from this instrument. Although this type of piano is typically thought of as a step down from a grand piano, some upright pianos can stretch up to 5 feet in length and rival the sound quality and be just as loud as a grand piano.

Best piano mover specialists in San Diego.

Electric Pianos

These are the most common pianos, as they are portable and affordable. An electric piano is a great starting off point when learning due to the low entry cost and is most suitable for performers that need to travel with their instruments. While the electric piano does not have the same quality of an acoustic piano (the other two types of pianos that are listed above), they have more versatility in the sounds they produce.

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Piano Maintenance After the Move

Now that you’ve utilized a professional piano moving service to relocate your ivory keys, and your instrument has been delivered in tip top condition it should be concert ready, right? Not so fast. The physical move of the piano is only the first step in the piano relocation process. Many people believe that a piano will only go out of tune if something went wrong during the moving process or if the piano was damaged. However, it is actually the changes in the wood parts of the piano that cause the sound to change. The many intricate and delicate parts of a piano are impacted by the humidity, temperature and even the floor leveling of the new room that it sits upon.

A commonly debated topic in piano moving is if it is necessary to wait a few weeks before tuning the piano, or if you can tune it right after the move. The theory behind letting the piano sit in it’s new environment for a few weeks before you tune it is the wood takes a period of time to fully shape to the new level of humidity and temperature. Letting the wooden pieces come to their new placement before taking the time (or paying the money) to have the piano tuned will ensure that the pitch and sound of the piano will not change after getting tuned. The argument against this waiting period is that the longer a piano is out of tune the more difficult it becomes to tune the piano. Experts also point out that even if you get it tuned after the move, if there is another humidity or temperature change in the room then the piano is likely to go out of tune again.

Multiple years of humidity and temperature changes may also cause rot and cracking in some of the piano parts, and can be repaired through an expert technician by means of leveling the piano keys and possibly even rebuilding or replacing some parts. Although this form of wear and tear on a piano is visibly noticeable and should be noted prior to the moving process.

The overall consensus of piano experts, players and lovers alike is to expect to get your piano tuned:

    • Every 4-6 months (to keep it in concert condition, every 1 year for laymen’s ears)
    • After moving the piano to a different house or room
    • After major humidity or temperature changes

It is also recommended to select a spot for your piano that is not in direct sunlight, near the kitchen or bathrooms, or near an exterior entrance where it will be subjected to cold drafts.

Common Questions

This is a great video to show the proper materials and techniques for moving a piano to prevent damages and injuries.

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