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Long Distance Moving From San Diego to Arizona

Arizona is famous for its desert climate and its beautiful sunsets. The northern part of Arizona features mountain ranges, pine forests and big canyons (see, Grand Canyon). Northern Arizona receives significant snowfalls, and snow has been known to fall as far south as Tucson

Moving Advice

Here are some things you should know before moving to Arizona:

Summer is the off-season. Moving to Arizona, especially Phoenix, Tucson and their respective surrounding areas, during the summer can considerably reduce your moving costs because it is the off-season. Winter is more expensive, primarily due to an influx of seasonal residents, making it more difficult to book moving trucks and companies.

Some Arizona hot weather tips to keep in mind include:

  • If possible, try to park your car in the shade.
  • Don’t immediately touch a steering wheel or leather seats with bare skin without cooling down the interior of your car first.
  • Never leave pets or children in your car unattended. This is required all year round, but it is especially dangerous to do in the summer.
  • Don’t leave your phone in the sun because it will overheat and shut off.
  • Stay hydrated! Some say to drink half your body weight in fluids; others recommend eight glasses of water a day. Whatever the amount, just make sure you’re drinking enough for you.
  • Don’t throw out all your winter clothes. When the summer heat finally passes, anything below 70 degrees is going to feel extremely cold.

Having moved from the San Diego, CA myself, I know that it is something that needs to be thought out carefully, as there is alot more to think about in addition to figuring out where you are going to live or maybe work in your new job.

There are other important things that need to be considered, such as school for your kids, work, environment, culture, and more,when planning to Move To Arizona.

Certainly the weather should also seriously be considered. I have heard people say they just hate the heat and are moving back to San Diego, CA and that they should have never considered the Move To Arizona. Others say quite the opposite, like myself, who wonder how they ever lived in California.

right below you will find the cities we serve in Arizona.

Average Rate

$4000Flat Rate
  • Packing service is not included

“One Stop movers were phenomenal! They arrived early in the specified time frame (8-10) and were so mellow with the entire move! I told them about the hassles of parking (I live where parking is VERY challenging and the move was across town) and the movers made it so easy for me. Seriously, everything was packed and unpacked in under 3 hours!!! Now, I did prepare and prepare several carloads of belongings the week before they arrived to help expedite matters, but even so, I was IMPRESSED!
They also helped me move my handle with care items with such kindness and caring! It put such a smile on my face! I love those movers!!!”

“This was my first experience with One Stop Movers. An overstuffed half-garage full of boxes – some filled with items of great value, some with sentimental personal things, still others to be sorted and disposed of later – were carefully and professionally moved to a storage facility five miles away. The estimate said it would take about four hours, but actually took five. There was no charge for the extra hour since I had been given a flat rate estimate. David and Thomas moved and set up metal shelving as well in a configuration that made the best use of the storage unit. They were courteous and hard working. I would highly recommend them to others with similar projects”

“I used One Stop Moving for the second time recently to move into my new house.  Just as with the previous time, I was so pleased.  The scheduling and contract was very easy.  The crew was punctual and courteous, as well as efficient and mindful of the hourly rate, while still taking excellent care of my belongings.  My new house is undergoing a remodel, which meant having to be creative about moving in.  The guys were not discouraged and even offered helpful suggestions.  The rate was very reasonable and the contract perfectly clear, which meant no unpleasant surprises.  Great job, great company!”

“One Stop Moving & Storage did a great job taking care of my move. I waited to the last minute and they were there for me. Everyone, from the office staff to the owner and movers were professional and efficient. Their fee was reasonable as well. I highly recommend One Stop Moving & Storage for all your moving and storage needs.”

“First off… guys are fast!!! Got to me on time… thought it was going to take forever to load my storage… 1 HOUR!!! FAST AND CAREFUL!!! Guys were all very polite and funny… Unloaded into my house furniture built in place in another hour… REALLY HAPPY WITH THEIR SERVICE!!! DEFINITELY GOING TO USE THEM ON OUR NEXT MOVE… And I dont usually write reviews unless the business deserves it…”

“I used this company to move from La Jolla to Carmel valley last month and it was a good experience. They wrapped my furniture in padded blankets and taped it all up so everything seemed safe as they loaded it in the truck. They put down cardboard on the floors for them to walk on and put padding on my walls so they didn’t scratch anything. Very impressed on how they cleaned up after themselves. They stopped to eat lunch and take a few breaks but they didn’t charge me for that time. It was hectic as they were unloading because they were bringing stuff in my new place faster than I could show them where to put it and I feel like that slowed them down a bit but I don’t really know how that could have been avoided. They charge ‘double drive time’ which sounds weird but I looked it up and it’s something that all moving companies do I guess. They also charged me $10 to wrap my mattress in plastic wrap so it didn’t get dirty on the truck. At least they told me about that little fee before they started otherwise I would have been annoyed by it. So far I haven’t seen anything broken and all the furniture they put together for me is in good order so I’d recommend them to anyone else.”

“One Stop Moving did a great job storing a piano for us in between moves. They were then able to deliver it to our new home with absolute care and consideration, which we especially appreciated since it’s tough to move a piano (they’re heavy and delicate). They stayed within the window of time of delivery which was very helpful as some movers don’t arrive when they say they will. Very pleased with One Stop Moving, and would totally use them again.”

“I just moved from San Diego to San Francisco with these guys and they were super professional to work with. I did tons of research on pricing companies in San Diego and San Francisco and chose this company because they have facilitation and the most reasonable prices. They delivered my stuff within three days and there were no damages to any of my items. Thank you Raheem San and Fernando four being so pleasurable to work with and taking care of my items.”

“I have a storage unit with One Stop Moving & Storage. They have been very accommodating, even when my bank made an error with my auto pay. They understood and made sure all was good to go. They are pleasant on the phone, which is big to me. That to me is a big start to good customer service. They called prior to arrival time and were there when they said to begin packing. I have one more move with them when things are moved out of storage and into their final destination. I am expecting the same level of service as I have received so far. I recommend them for all your moving and storage needs.”

Customer Service You Can Count On… Before, During and After Your Move!

Moving is often tied to large life changes (a new job, marriage, new house, birth of children, divorce, death, etc) so it’s no surprise that moving is associated with stress and anxiety. Here are some ways we try to reduce that stress:

  • We keep the lines of communication open with 24/7 call support before, during and after your moving day to answer any questions and provide you with support.
  • Our knowledgeable and friendly employees will provide you with packing and moving tips and tricks. We can provide these either over the phone or we can send you printable materials via email.
  • Your moving crew will communicate with you on their way to your home in the morning, periodically and frequently throughout the day, and at the end of the day to make sure all of your needs were met.
  • We utilize one of the top rated 3rd party insurance companies to expedite claims services.
  • The easy and efficient claims process removes the run around and ambiguity of your status and what you can expect. Our insurance compensation is aligned with the State of California and the Bureau of Household Goods and Services.

customer service

Relocating to Arizona from San Diego

Arizona is appealing for many reasons. From the wonderful temperatures to its gorgeous sunsets, Arizona is very attractive for a place to move. In the North, you will find expansive mountain ranges, pine forests and big canyons. In this area of Northern Arizona, you can enjoy snowfalls from the North to Tuscon.

Moving Consultation

Before moving to Arizona, you should check out our tips.

Moving in off-season during Summer can significantly lower your moving costs. This includes Phoenix, Tucson and their respective surrounding areas. The days in the summer average temperatures over 100 degrees. In July and August, there are frequent afternoon monsoons with expansive thunderstorms which lead to flood damage on the streets and underpasses. If you opt to move to Arizona in the summer, consider an early morning or late evening move. Winter requires more moving money. This is because there is a large percentage of seasonal locals which leads to greater demand on moving trucks and companies. To consider the best place to move in Arizona, consider the mountain areas where the heat is not an issue, especially when compared to the heat in other areas of Arizona.

In all, there are 15 counties to choose from when considering a move to Arizona. Phoenix is a huge city with many suburbs, neighborhoods and urban villages, while Tucson touts a build out of 200 square miles to choose from. Other popular cities include Mesa, Flagstaff, Scottsdale Yuma, and Tempe.

If you are a sports enthusiast, Phoenix is the foundation for numerous professional sport teams including the Phoenix Suns (NBA), Phoenix Mercury (WNBA), Phoenix Coyotes (NHL), Arizona Cardinals (NFL), Arizona Rattlers, (AFL) and the Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB). Baseball fans enjoy Phoenix and the surrounding areas, which annually host Major League Baseball’s spring training Cactus League from mid February through opening day of the regular season. You can enjoy baseball fields within the state—from Phoenix, Mesa and Tempe to Glendale, Goodyear and Scottsdale.

For college sports, a favorite belongs with Arizona State University, located in Tempe. It is part of the PAC-12 conference—the Sun Devils tops the charts. Tucson is the city called home to the University of Arizona of the PAC-12 conference and semi-pro soccer teams. Tucson is currently hoping to entice Major League Soccer to town for a spring training agreement to mimic the one MLB has in the Phoenix area. Too, Flagstaff is home to the NAU programs in the Big Sky Conference in most sports and the Western Athletic Conference in other sports.

When considering address changes, we encourage you to change your address online. It’s quick and easy!

We’re doing moves from San Diego to Arizona on weekly bases!

Our experience movers handling 1-3 moves to Arizona per week. Rate for moving from San Diego to Arizona is calculated based on total miles from our Headquarter in San Diego, CA to the final destination in Arizona.

10 Things to Know Before Moving to Arizona

  1. Cooking with cactus is big in Arizona.
  2.  Arizona’s art scene is thriving.
  3.  There’s a New-Age vibe in Arizona.
  4. Spring training makes pro baseball accessible
  5.  Arizona may be the newest swing state.
  6. public education funding is low in Arizona.
  7. The Grand Canyon never gets old.
  8.  You can explore Arizona’s Native heritage.
  9.  You can explore Arizona’s Native heritage.
  10. Arizona is an Instagram’s dream.

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