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Running Out Of Room? Need More Storage Space?!

San Diego moving and storage units available for home or commercial moves. Now that you’ve made that big move, you’ve decided that you need to store some of your belongings. Or perhaps you need a place to store your belongings until you reach your final destination.

Here at One Stop Moving & Storage we are dedicated to providing you with a secure storage solution. With our competitive rates you can’t go wrong. We offer storage units in many different sizes, ranging from 5’X5’ to 10’X 30’.

Our moving specialists will arrange an affordable plan for you so your belongings are protected for as long as you need moving and storage in San Diego. We will recommend which size storage unit is best to store your possessions. We will go the extra mile to protect your items with bubble wrap, shrink wrap, paper pads, padded blankets, and box crating if needed. Moving blankets are also provided to ensure your items are protected while moving them to your San Diego storage unit.

Your belongings are in safe hands with One Stop Moving & Storage.

Our team of professionals are committed to providing quality moving and storage services.

Our Pledge

As a San Diego storage company, we provide you with clean, ready to rent units at an affordable price. We guarantee that your items will be safe and secure 24 hours a day. We will help you decide which unit is best for you as well as provide you with moving and packing supplies. And lastly, we promise customer satisfaction, leaving you with a smile on your face!

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Our moving specialists will recommend the best and most affordable protection for your specific items, and will recommend the appropriate size storage unit for your items. We protect your items with shrink wrap, bubble wrap, padded blankets, paper pads, and custom box crating as needed. All moving blankets and protection padding is left in place once your items are moved into our storage units.We assure you that your items are in safe, good hands with our professional staff. When you are ready for delivery of your items, just give us a call to schedule your delivery, or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment!

Why Choose Us?

You can rest easy knowing your items are stored in a secure location. Our team of storage experts are available to answer any of your questions!
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We Offer:

  1. Safe, secure and clean storage
  2. We offer a variety of unit sizes
  3. Full line of moving and packing supplies offered
  4. Climate controlled units available
  5. San Diego storage experts available to answer all of your storage questions
  6. Clean units ready to rent
  7. Modern state-of-the art facilities

Movers You Can Trust

Storage Process for Local Moving

San Diego’s recent housing market has influenced how buyers, sellers and renters are moving within the county. There has been an increase of people that find themselves in need of ‘temporary’ housing solutions in between their old and new homes. This is a relatively new hurdle in the moving process and extends the moving a considerable amount. Not surprisingly, this has increased the need for storage solutions within San Diego.

To support people through the temporary and ‘in-between’ times of their moves, we offer storage solutions of all sizes and time frames. We have many processes and systems in place to help organize and track everything you need to go into storage, and anything you need to go to your temporary home.

When we pick up your items to go into storage you will be assigned a color (let’s use orange as an example). All of your items that are going into storage will be wrapped in padded blankets and an orange sticker with your storage unit number will be placed on the item. The foreman and moving team will be responsible for creating an itemized list of everything that is going into storage and writing down the item description (kitchen table, TV, large box, small box, etc). You will receive a copy of the itemized list of everything that has been marked to go into your storage unit.

Secure storage in San Diego
Rent Local or long distance moving truck and moving help

While your items are in our storage

  • They will remain in the padded blankets to prevent items from getting dusty, to prevent items from scratching each other in the storage, and as to act as floor and wall padding during all moving processes. Using these padded blankets is also eco-friendlier than the disposable plastic shrink wrap
  • We offer an automated monthly payment system and no deposit necessary
  • All units are under 24/7 surveillance and are protected from the elements

When you are ready to have your items delivered to you just call us to schedule a time and date that works for you. Your moving team will deliver your items while checking them off of the orange itemization list and make sure that every item is accounted for.

We won’t think less of you or hold it against you if you decide to utilize another company’s storage 😊 The only difference you will notice in the moving process when you move with One Stop Moving & Storage is that we will use paper padding on your furniture instead of blue padded blankets that we use with our storage units. The paper padding is something that is recyclable and does not need to be returned to us after your move.


Contact our moving professionals for a free quote on your next move. We are excited about the opportunity to help you enjoy a successful move that is carried out at top efficiency. Reach out to us today so that we can put together a plan to get you moved to your new location.

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  • Secured
  • Surveillance Camera
  • Clean
  • Safe