San Diego Moving Company Discounts with Enhanced Services

San Diego moving company discounts with enhanced services is far and few between. Many companies in the San Diego area focus on price discounts alone and have not found ways to still maintain ideal customer service or high quality services. Many moving companies start up with a great idea in mind to find that they can’t compete with long standing companies that have maintained a strong reputation for great pricing [...]

Keeping Sane During the Move

Moving can be one of the most stressful times in your family's lives with so many emotions to deal with.  No member of the family is exempt from the stress that is involved with moving. While the adults are worrying about the ordeal of planning and organizing, the children are worried about leaving their friends and making new ones once they arrive to their new home. So how do you [...]

Dorm Move

At OS San Diego Moving Company, we support all of your goals to have the smoothest move of your household goods from your current home to your dorm room. Our San Diego moving company is fully equipped with highly skilled professional moving reps, clean trucks, and supplies that will take the headache out of your move. In fact, OS Moving is fully licensed bonded and insured so you can rest [...]

Selecting San Diego Movers during Tough Economic Times

San Diego movers at our company offer prices that are very suitable for people suffering through difficult economic times. If you have been laid off work or are currently unemployed, it may be difficult to consider the prospect of moving. By the same token, this prospect may alleviate some of the financial burden you are experiencing. So, why not consider a move? Indeed, a move can be a relief through [...]

It’s One Thing to Pack, It’s Another to Unpack

It’s One Thing to Pack, It’s Another to Unpack Moving has a lot to do with packing and unpacking. The good news is that if you pack things right to begin with, you’ll have an easier time unpacking. By the same token, OS Moving San Diego knows there are a few things you can do when it comes to unpacking, that will be sure to help make the days and [...]

Decorating Your New Home

Decorating Your New Home Our San Diego movers know the one of the most fun tasks in your move will be decorating your new home. It’s the icing on the cake for your move that turns a new house into a new home. Our San Diego movers can’t resist providing you with some tips for decorating your new home.     The Style  While furniture stores create stylish displays of furniture [...]

Packing Your Glassware

Packing Your Glassware At OS Moving San Diego, we want you to be fully prepared for your move. So, we are prepared to provide you with packing tips for your glassware. Of course, rest assured we have full service professional packing services that can be limited to your glassware, if you prefer to take advantage of our experience for packing glassware safely and securely at a very affordable price. In [...]

Professional Movers VS Day Laborers

When choosing your moving company be sure to choose a company that hires professional movers and not day laborers. When a company maintains their employees, rest assured that the crew is professional and they will handle your valuables with care. You want the crew to be efficient and provide you with the best service possible. The crew that works for the company receives good compensation and value their work. They [...]

Are All Moving Companies the Same?

Moving companies are not all the same. Many of the companies have the same basic standard policies, however they vary with regards to the type of services that are offered, pricing, licensure, fees, and packing. When you are considering hiring a moving company for your move, be sure that you do your research efficiently. Compare several companies based on their reviews from other customer’s experiences.  Once you have a few [...]

Trust Move

Of all moving companies in San Diego, OS Moving is at the top of the platform for helping to ensure that your move is as simple a process as it can be. From the time of your call to our office, to our free estimates and supplies, as well as, our moving and storage services, our movers are committed to excellence. Moving companies in San Diego set different standards. So, [...]

Labeling Boxes for Your Move

Labeling Boxes for Your Move Our San Diego movers want you move to be as speedy as possible. We know how to bring simplicity to your move so we won’t be stepping over your feet on the day of your move. Organization is key for a smooth move. Proper labeling saves you time and headaches on the day of your move. Our San Diego movers know that proper labeling puts [...]

San Diego Moving Company Red Flags

San Diego moving company red flags are important to note. Your property and your home are invaluable. Your safety and security is a top priority. Over the years, there have been a number of moving companies in San Diego and throughout the US that do not operate under best practices.  These companies may seem to offer the best price. Their employees may sound convincing over the phone.  Yet, in the [...]

Now that you’re the New Neighbor on the Block

New neighbor etiquette  is good to learn about when you are  moving. If you’re all moved in, it’s time to meet the neighbors. If you’re waiting for the welcome wagon to ring your doorbell, you may be disappointed. The days of June Cleaver and fresh baked pies at our doorsteps have long been over. Aunt Bea isn’t going to show up with her home made supper rolls either. The point [...]

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