The Moving Company Cost Challenge

Our San Diego moving company knows, like in any service industry, the fees you’ll be charged by a mover vary widely. There are several factors that may impact the cost of your move. This includes:  geographic location, extent of work being done, and the time required to complete the move. This might sound bewildering. So, at our San Diego moving company, we evaluate your needs with a free moving quote [...]

One Stop Moving and The Coronavirus COVID-19

One Stop Moving and The Coronavirus COVID-19 We are open as usual. See actions we are taking to protect our employees and clients from the Coronavirus COVID-19 We wash our hands when we arrive and leave any location A Note to Our Community Regarding Corona virus and COVID-19 Our commitment to the health and safety of our employees and customers is our [...]

What Our Movers Would Like You to Know

At our San Diego moving company, we are not day laborers. This common perception is not true in our company. Being a mover is not our hobby, a second job, or a mere pastime. It is a profession that we take very seriously. At our San Diego moving company, we take pride in the exceptional service we deliver to our clients as a fully licensed bonded and insured moving company. [...]

Eviction Moves for Landlords

As a landlord, it is important to act swiftly to secure your property following an eviction. At OS Moving San Diego, we understand the importance of securing your property following an eviction. Too often, people who have been evicted leave some or all of their belongings behind, while working on a new place to live. For a moving company in San Diego that can meet your eviction needs, contact OS [...]

Assisted Living Move: Special Considerations

At our San Diego moving company, we believe in providing an all inclusive move for your assisted living needs. From the time you contact us to your free estimate and our fully comprehensive moving services, our movers are committed to exceptional service that will relieve you from the complex details of such a move. So, our San Diego moving company would like to provide you with more details about the [...]

Moving Elders

At our San Diego moving company, we want you to be fully prepared for your move. This is because we understand that a comprehensive move helps you plan for the future of your loved ones. We know how to bring simplicity to your move.  Our San Diego moving company will go beyond the norm to ensure that you feel comfortable about your move and can have confidence in knowing that [...]

San Diego Movers with Style

San Diego movers of One Stop Moving do not burden you with lack of professionalism and lack of expertise. San Diego movers with style anticipate your challenges and tailor your move very specifically for your needs. These movers offer full service including wrapping, packing, loading, transport and specialty moves.  San Diego movers with style do not settle for second best. To have style, a moving company must have kept up-to-date with [...]

Get Ready For Your Move

A month before your move: Call at least 3 moving companies to get price ranges and visual estimates Select a moving company and reserve your moving date Decide if you’re going to have professional packers or do it yourself Start collecting packing materials and boxes Start packing and labeling (packing tips and help here) Plan what to do with pets and children the day of the move Plan to [...]

San Diego Movers Make Their Mark

San Diego movers at OS Moving have made their mark as the recipient of the Mojo Awards. The Mojo Awards profiles businesses in particular categories that they have identified as top in their category. It is a wonderful recognition for the many ways that top tier businesses stand out above the rest. The competition includes voting so the results can be most credible. It has been our honor to be [...]

Packing Electronics

Packing Electronics At OS Moving San Diego, we will be there for you for every step in the preparation of your move. With our free in-home estimate, we can estimate the number of boxes and types of packing supplies you’ll need. OS Moving San Diego can also return to your home to deliver all of your packing supplies through our complete line of supplies. We can also professionally pack any [...]

Planning for the Total Cost of Your Move

Planning for the Total Cost of Your Move At OS Moving, our commitment is to provide you with the best price for your move. Whether your move consists of simply lifting and transport, packing supplies and/or professional packing services, our goal is to provide you with top tier moving services at the most affordable price.  Of course, there are always costs that we can’t control. So, we’d like to offer [...]

Moving to a New City? 5 Tips to Make it Feel Like Home

Moving to a New City? Long Distance Movers 5 Tips to Make it Feel Like Home We specialize in Long Distance Moving From San Diego, California and offer these moving tips. It’s time for a fresh start. Maybe you got a new job, or you’re just looking for a change. Each new city brings with it new possibilities!    With every change, though, comes some level of stress. Moving to [...]

Your Upcoming Move- What You Should Know

Last Minute Moving Tips Here is a helpful checklist for your moving day: Make sure to keep the following things with you during the moving process Medications for you, your family or pets Pets and children Sensitive or important paperwork Chemicals and cleaning supplies (wrap each item separately in sealed plastic so if they leak they do not cause damage or interact with other chemicals). Garage opening and [...]

Top 25 Real Estate Companies in San Diego

Top 25 Real Estate Companies in San Diego 2020 (updated) 1. Luxury Socal Realty About: For over 20 years, Compass, San Diego real estate agents, take great pride in using our expertise & global connections to perfectly unite the lifestyle requirements of discerning clientele with extraordinary property in a variety of lifestyle categories & price points. Phone #: (760) 212-2717 Email: Website: URL: Address: [...]

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