Are All Moving Companies the Same?

Moving companies are not all the same. Many of the companies have the same basic standard policies, however they vary with regards to the type of services that are offered, pricing, licensure, fees, and packing. When you are considering hiring a moving company for your move, be sure that you do your research efficiently. Compare several companies based on their reviews from other customer’s experiences.  Once you have a few [...]

Assisted Living Move: Special Considerations

At our San Diego moving company, we believe in providing an all inclusive move for your assisted living needs. From the time you contact us to your free estimate and our fully comprehensive moving services, our movers are committed to exceptional service that will relieve you from the complex details of such a move. So, our San Diego moving company would like to provide you with more details about the [...]

Final Week Moving Check List

The final week doesn’t have to be hectic. Knowing how to make the final week,go easily and efficiently can make all the difference in the world. This is providing you have completed the other details found in our moving checklist countdown, including: Utility transfers Change of address requests Mover hiring Eliminating “throw aways” Returns and picks up of household item Bank changes New home reserve Items packed Non-living area(s) packed [...]

Theft-Proofing Your Old Home

At OS Moving San Diego, we believe that every ounce of prevention from theft at the residence you are moving out of is critically important. This is why we want to provide you with tips to protect the home you are moving out of. With OS Moving San Diego, our services don’t begin and end with the move to your new location. So, here are the top tips of the [...]

The Moving Company Cost Challenge

Our San Diego moving company knows, like in any service industry, the fees you’ll be charged by a mover vary widely. There are several factors that may impact the cost of your move. This includes:  geographic location, extent of work being done, and the time required to complete the move. This might sound bewildering. So, at our San Diego moving company, we evaluate your needs with a free moving quote [...]

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