Are All Moving Companies Same?

Are All Moving Companies Same? Moving companies are not all the same. Many of the companies have the same basic standard policies, however they vary with regards to the type of services that are offered, pricing, licensure, fees, and packing. When you are considering hiring a moving company for your move, be sure that you do your research efficiently. Compare several companies based on their reviews from other customer’s experiences.  [...]

What Our Movers Would Like You to Know

At our San Diego moving company, we are not day laborers. This common perception is not true in our company. Being a mover is not our hobby, a second job, or a mere pastime. It is a profession that we take very seriously. At our San Diego moving company, we take pride in the exceptional service we deliver to our clients as a fully licensed bonded and insured moving company. [...]

Out-of-Pocket Corporate Moves: Special Considerations

 At our San Diego moving company, we believe in providing an all inclusive pricing to help manage your out-of-pocket moving expenses cost effectively. From the time you contact our office to your free estimate and our all-embracing moving services, OS Moving is committed to exceptional service that will relieve you from the complex details and cumbersome expenses associated with such a move. So, our San Diego moving company would like [...]

Decorating Your New Home

Decorating Your New Home Our San Diego movers know the one of the most fun tasks in your move will be decorating your new home. It’s the icing on the cake for your move that turns a new house into a new home. Our San Diego movers can’t resist providing you with some tips for decorating your new home.     The Style  While furniture stores create stylish displays of furniture [...]

How much Space do you really need?

Moving requires several considerations. One of which is space. Twenty five years ago, most families were comfortable in modest sized homes. Siblings shared bedrooms and 2000 square feet was enough for everyone. The 21st century has produced a new type of family. It seems as if people aren’t satisfied with modest square footage any more. Folks want more space and children want their own rooms. While there’s nothing wrong with [...]

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