Top Ten Packing Tips

To be a top level moving company in San Diego, we believe that we need to provide you with all of the tools to have a most comfortable move. The highest level of professionalism is our pledge.  This is why we stand out above the rest as a top notch moving company in San Diego. Check out our packing tips!     Inquire about items that your mover can pack. Your [...]

Are All Moving Companies Same?

Are All Moving Companies Same? Moving companies are not all the same. Many of the companies have the same basic standard policies, however they vary with regards to the type of services that are offered, pricing, licensure, fees, and packing. When you are considering hiring a moving company for your move, be sure that you do your research efficiently. Compare several companies based on their reviews from other customer’s experiences.  [...]

Selecting San Diego Movers during Tough Economic Times

San Diego movers at our company offer prices that are very suitable for people suffering through difficult economic times. If you have been laid off work or are currently unemployed, it may be difficult to consider the prospect of moving. By the same token, this prospect may alleviate some of the financial burden you are experiencing. So, why not consider a move? Indeed, a move can be a relief through [...]

Preparing Your Emergency Home Kit after Your Move

Preparing Your Emergency Home Kit after Your Move At OS Moving San Diego, we want you to be prepared for every aspect of living in your new home.  Every time you move, it’s wise to ensure you have a home emergency kit and to know what to do if you have an emergency in your home. Whether you are a single person, elder or parents with children, there should be [...]

A Typical Day for a San Diego Mover

Moving companies in San Diego,, whether solo movers or those associated with larger companies, have to jump to the attention of call ins which makes everyday unique, but maintains the priority of servicing customers in the community so that they can respond at a moment’s notice when necessary. Of all moving companies in San Diego, we know that part of being a mover means keeping up with the latest equipment [...]

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