A month before your move:

  1. Call at least 3 moving companies to get price ranges and visual estimates
  2. Select a moving company and reserve your moving date
  3. Decide if you’re going to have professional packers or do it yourself
  4. Start collecting packing materials and boxes
  5. Start packing and labeling (packing tips and help here)
  6. Plan what to do with pets and children the day of the move
  7. Plan to be at the house when the movers are there to answer any questions, but once they get started you will have some time on your hands. We recommend keeping wifi and electricity and water on during moving day.
  8. Hire cleaning service or plan a day to clean yourself
  9. Plan to pack on one day (if you have a professional), move on another day, and clean on a third. Unless you have a studio apartment this is all too much to do in one day.

A week before your move:

  1. Change your address and notify people (see list here)
  2. Make a list of what to show the movers when they arrive (see the list here)
  3. Plan meals and snacks for the day of the move
  4. Label and organize your cables and chords from your electronics
  5. Take any wall mountings down and take apart furniture (or the moving company can do this for you)
  6. Pack your moving day kit and personal items (list here)
  7. Keep clothing hanging in the closet, they will be moved in wardrobe boxes
  8. Remove breakable or spill-able items from drawers in furniture (soft items can stay)
  9. Disconnect and thaw appliances if you are moving them

The day of the move:

  1. Review the visual estimate or hourly rate and fees with the foreman on your moving crew
  2. Let the movers know where pets are kept in the house
  3. Inform the movers of any specific time frames or budget constraints that you have
  4. Do a walk through of the property and let the movers know if any hardware on the walls needs to be taken down, if anything is staying at the old house, if there is food in the fridge or freezer you want
  5. Point out any extra fragile or broken items
  6. When the movers are done packing up your old house, do a walk through with the foreman to check every closet, room, garage, backyard (are you bringing the hose?), side yard, attic, fridge, dishwasher, washer and dryer to make sure everything is gone
  7. Leave a box of cleaning materials and supplies in the old house if you’re going to be coming back the next day to clean.

List of people to contact when you move:


What to pack in your ‘Moving Day Kit’:

If you don’t have room in your car, you can pack all of this in a few boxes and give to your moving crew to put on the truck last. They will give this box to you first when you get to your new home so you can get (somewhat) settled.


These items should be transported in your own car and should be in your possession during the entirety of the moving process:


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