One Stop Moving and Storage offers lab equipment moving and storage services. receiving, storing and delivery of delicate lab equipment.

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Moving and Storage Units Features 


Sourcing a reliable lab equipment storage facility is often a daunting task until now. For a successful lab move job, especially when materials may be part of the need, laboratory renovations, consolidations, shutdowns, or relocations require a highly skilled professional moving company with proper storage capacity. High level planning and coordination by an experienced company is key for lab storage in San Diego.  


Dedicated to excellence, One Stop Moving and Storage offers flexible lab relocation, transport, management and storage solutions. Our experienced team plans and manages safe and reliable storage with the aid of your experts for a smooth transition. We know that controlled temperature environments may be required for your laboratory equipment move. We understand that the security of assets, material integrity, and customer satisfaction are top priorities. A few highlights in our services include, the following.  



  • Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies  
  • Drive-up storage units 
  • Climate controlled storage units 
  • 24-hour video monitoring 
  • Professional management 
  • Business storage and large commercial units 



Climate Controlled Storage in San Diego CA.  


Climate control storage is crucial for some lab equipment that is temperamental to the wrong temperatures. High heat can cause degradation of your lab equipment making proper storage critical for the special needs of a lab.  


One Stop Moving and Storage offers indoor storage units with a controlled interior that have an uninterrupted unit climate to keep stored items such as sensitive lab equipment and electronics associated with a lab. This may also include wooden furniture, electronics, and documents.   


As part of our lab move process, we work individually with our clients to customize the right features in your storage unit, helping you to determine what you need and the right temperature for your lab equipment. We are fully licensed bonded and insured. We have many fully satisfied clients over the course of 15 plus years?  


We are in close proximity to all major San Diego freeways for easy access to most any area in the Greater area of San Diego.  


In addition to close proximity to all of San Diego we offer a wide variety of storage unit sizes, including vehicle storage boat storage and more. We offer many amenities to make your storage experience a great one. Our storage facilities offer drive-up storage spaces that allow for easy loading and unloading or climate controlled storage that can help protect your belongings from extreme temperatures.  



Find Your Medical San Diego Ca Storage Unit 

One Stop Moving and Storage  

We have been a ward winning moving and storage company since 2010, We take pride in our accomplishments to date. We embrace a caring customized approach to every move and storage client we take on We make a difference in how you think about moving and storage because we specialize in medical and lab moving and storage. In fact we take a highly sophisticated approach to every move and storage need. We transform what is typically a cumbersome process and simplify the process in every way.  


Regardless of the type of storage you need, we are on stand by to fulfill this obligation through a seamless transition.  


No matter what kind of storage you need, we have  have space available at our San Diego County , in California facility. In fact, we’ve been making space for our neighbors since 2008?? To learn more about how self storage can simplify organizing your closets, offices, or other spaces, give us a call. You can also select a date to visit our facility for a tour and view our storage units! Already know what kind of storage you want? Rent your space by making a quick phone call.  



Lab Equipment Storage Solutions 


Lab equipment storage will play a considerable role in the progress of managing and developing a lab business. The industry of medical supplies medications, and lab equipment is projected to experience significant growth and significant capital investment, allowing endless opportunities for innovation and development. This expansion requires lab equipment storage that maintain the integrity and security of this influx of medical needs.  

One Stop Moving and Storage was built to be one of San Diego County’s most secure commercial lab equipment storage available, incorporating security features directly into the infrastructure of our residential and commercial moving and storage company.  


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Standard operating procedures at our lab equipment storage must be optimized to  

Contact us today for a free price quote!  One Stop Moving and Storage is at your command for your lab equipment storage needs. Our price quotes are guaranteed comprehensive and do not consist of hidden fees.  


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