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Why Should You Take an Advantage of Our Visual Estimate

We believe in providing an all inclusive free estimate for your relocation. This is because we understand that a proper quote can help you plan for your move and can bring simplicity to your move and will go out of our way to make the preparation for your move as pleasant as possible. So, we encourage you to learn what you need to know about our free estimates.

It’s nice to know that our San Diego movers offer a comprehensive home evaluation to customize your move for you. Every step of the way, our San Diego movers are committed to excellence. So, no stone will be left unturned to ensure that you are fully prepared for your move. Check out a fast recap of your home evaluation.

  • Moving Checklist: We let you know about our moving checklist which provides useful information that you can use to prepare for your move. Our San Diego movers also keep the moving checklist in mind while evaluating your home to identify any problematic areas that can be rectified before the day of your move.
  • Home Layout: We consider the lay out of your home, including entrances and exits, so that we can be prepared for any obstacles and solutions to obstacles which will ensure a smooth move. This includes, staircases, space for corner turns, sharp edges in home framework, balconies, and railings.
  • Furnishings: We will find out about furnishings that are too wide or too long to move through your doorways. We will discover ways to help ensure that we can move your furnishings easily and safely.
  • Moving Boxes and Moving Tools: We will estimate the number of wardrobe boxes and sizes of other moving boxes that you will need for your move. We will estimate the number of dollies, such as cargo box dollies and appliance dollies, as well as the number of moving cushion pads that you will need for your move.
  • Assembly Needs: We will identify your need to dissemble and assemble furnishings so our highly trained professionals can be prepared to do the job for you. Our highly trained personnel are available for disassembling and assembling your furnishings at your current residence and new home.

We provide free phone estimates and visual estimates (binding) to ensure that the first step in your plan for the move is complete. If you are interested in a free price quote, contact One Stop Moving & Storage today at +1 (800) 456-6834 or +1 (858) 633-8600.

To get your Free Estimate you can either call, email, fax or fill out form for faster respond.

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