Office Furniture Installation – FF&E

Furniture, fixtures, and equipment

Our commercial moving team is available to set up, tear down, store and assemble all of your office furniture (including cubicles) for your relocation.  Our flexible service offering can include any scale of support, from assisting your own Buildings and Grounds personnel in their endeavors, to fully planning and executing the move on your behalf. Our Project Managers are all PMI Certified and have decades of experience in moving offices of all sizes and industries.

We have built long term relationships with many office furnishing companies over the past 12 years, and have made an effort to understand their processes and procedures so that we can work seamlessly with them.  We offer flexible and customization service offerings to fit each of our customer’s needs.  We can play a role as small as helping your Building and Grounds crew to assemble furniture, or a role as large as planning and executing your entire move for you.

Our professional and experienced team is familiar with many of the popular brands and specifications of office furniture and is often able to assemble and place the cubicles and furniture into your office in a fraction of the time it would take people who don’t do this for a living.  This is especially helpful when moves need to be completed between business hours, which is often an overnight endeavor.

Business Moving

Office Moving Solution

Moving your business is more than just moving items from one location to another. It’s about the planning and strategizing with all stakeholders to reduce or minimize the disruption to your business and your customers. We have a team of Project Managers, Operational Managers and Commercial Movers that all specialize in meeting and exceeding your expectations.  We work with state of the art equipment and materials and provide continuing education to all of our employees so they can stay up to date on technology, hardware, office equipment within the commercial moving industry. You are guaranteed professional and personalized service that fits your business and budget.

Move Management Support

A successful relocation begins with accurate planning and support from experienced professionals.  Move Management is provided by our team of Project Managers, Coordinators and Movers that partner with our customer and their teams to ensure everyone has the information they need to succeed. The goal of our work is to reduce the time, resources and risk involved in your relocation so that the impact to your business is reduced or eliminated. This process includes the planning and execution of the entirety of your move, including the planning of your new space, communicating with employees, to scheduling the activities on the day of the move and supporting your facilities and employees for a set time after the move.  Our suite of materials, such as checklists, guides and common FAQs for both customers and their employees, will help you avoid common mistakes and pain points associated with moving.

Our Project Management support team will be able to take the burden of relocation off of your hands so that you can continue to focus on what you do best: manage your business.  Customers are able to tell us what they need and then return to their day to day job while staying informed of the moving plan and progress through real time status updates provided by our Project Team. The experience and continuing education of our team allows us to plan every detail of your moving process and effectively communicate to varying levels of management.

Commercial Move Management Services

  • Dedicated Project Manager and Project Team
  • Experienced and professional support throughout the relocation process
  • Scheduling and staging services to meet your moving requirements
  • Communication materials and tools for all levels of management and personnel
  • Pre-move readiness meetings with management and employees
  • Floor plan layouts for your new space
  • Inventory labeling system
  • Storage solutions as needed
  • Flexible budgeting and payment processes