Last Minute Moving Tips

Here is a helpful checklist for your moving day:

  1. Make sure to keep the following things with you during the moving process
    • Medications for you, your family or pets
    • Pets and children
    • Sensitive or important paperwork
    • Chemicals and cleaning supplies (wrap each item separately in sealed plastic so if they leak they do not cause damage or interact with other chemicals).
    • Garage opening and keys for new house and/or personal storage units
    • Kids medicine, diapers, milk, backpacks, school work, etc
    • Phones, laptops, jewelry, heirlooms and invaluable items
  2. If you need to return a cable box, make sure to keep it with you so the movers do not pack it
  3. People often forget to pack their curtains and curtain rods (the movers can help with disassembling them if you’d like)
  4. You can keep your clothes hanging in your closet, as the movers will bring wardrobe boxes to transfer your clothes into. When you arrive at your new home the movers will rehang your items in your new closets and take the wardrobe boxes back. The moving crew will have 5 wardrobe boxes with them, so if you have more than 8 feet of hanging clothes, please call the office so we’ll know to bring more.
  5. When the movers are done loading all of your items onto the truck at your old house, please do a walk through with the foreman to check every cupboard, closet, side yard, attic, etc to make sure everything is gone.
  6. If you are moving out of your own storage unit, please make sure the gate will be open as early as 8 am and that you have the gate code. Some storage unit companies do not open until later in the day and this can cause costly delays in the moving process.

Please call our office prior to your move if you have the following items that need to be moved or packed so we can make sure the movers bring the appropriate tools and materials:

  1. Oil paintings
  2. Heavy statues
  3. Grand pianos
  4. Pool tables
  5. Safes that were specially installed
  6. Grandfather clocks
  7. Jacuzzi or above ground spas
  8. Chemicals and cleaning products

If you packed yourself

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