Moving from San Diego to Las Vegas

Although San Diego is arguably the best city in the United States, known for its sandy beaches, moderate climate, and trendy neighborhoods, it is also very expensive and congested with traffic.  If you’re one of the many people looking to make a move to a more affordable and less car-crowded place to live, Las Vegas may be an option for you. Here is a list of things to consider before packing up and moving from San Diego to Las Vegas:

1. You won’t go to the strip very often

The Las Vegas strip is very expensive, crowded and filled with tourists.  Once you move to Las Vegas, you’ll notice that this is not something that many locals seek out unless family or friends are in town.  Due to Las Vegas’s steady growth, there are always new restaurants, bars, shopping and entertainment to try out in your own neighborhood.

2. Parking is plentiful

Thanks to the relatively cheap cost of land, there is always plenty of parking! Relocating to Las Vegas means sayinggoodbye to the days of circling downtown city blocks looking for an open spot and paying $25 to park in a garage.  Many malls and shopping centers in Las Vegas have free or discounted valet services and plenty of shaded parking spots to park yourself.

3. Yes you WILL get used to the heat

There’s no denying that the heat in Las Vegas is excessive. However, locals soon learn to park in the shade and run their errands in the cooler morning hours or after the sun goes down in the evening. Also, every house, apartment complex, park and attraction has pools and/or water features to help cool you off.

4. Spacious space is every where

Imagine packing up and moving your ‘beachy’ (aka, small and old) apartment in San Diego, then unpacking your items in your new Las Vegas, 4 bedroom house that was built in recent decades and has a yard and pool of its own. Having more space and less house-hold maintenance upgrades on the ‘to do’ list is a common relief that many people find themselves having once they make the move from San Diego to Las Vegas.

5. Welcome Home

Packing up and moving from your beach neighborhood in San Diego to the suburbs of Las Vegas can be a big change that feels odd at first, but soon you’ll start to feel at home in the desert and you’ll look forward to vacationing where you used to live.