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Moving to Carson City, NV

Tie to Move You from San Diego to Carson City, Nevada.
If you are moving from San Diego to Carson City, Nevada, we can help your move go as smoothly as possible. One Stop Moving and Storage was created to serve every client and assist them in experiencing an easy move. We started the company in 2008 and have since been rewarded with high ratings across multiple social media sites and the Better Business Bureau. However, if this is not enough to trust us, we also offer mover’s insurance. Regardless of your needs, we can help you throughout your move.
To start the easiest move of your life, you must first contact our customer service team. Each representative is prepared to answer any question you may have. They will decipher what you need from us, design a customized quote for your move, and support you in any other way possible. Our movers will come to your old location and help pack everything up for you. They will use their expertise and our state-of-the-art moving supplies to carefully organize, pad, and secure your valuables to protect them from any bumps on the road. Then, they will carefully transport them to your new destination and unload everything to your specifications. If there are some objects that you cannot take with you, we will take them to our climate-controlled storage unit and hold them until you can find them a forever home. We provide excellent moving services with talented professionals to many different moving situations. We would love to provide you with the same service to make your move as easy as possible.