Looking for Long Distance Movers? Moving from San Diego to Arizona?

Moving from San Diego to Arizona?

here are few things to consider.

Factors of Cost of Living

It is more expensive to live in larger city areas when compared to smaller markets. The largest market in Arizona is Phoenix, where you may find goods and services running a bit higher than the national average. However, total costs of living are generally lower than the national average. Gas runs 10% lower in Phoenix when compared to the national average. Average rent in Phoenix runs $1,027, roughly $200. More than the national average. Median home values in Phoenix run $258,720 when compared with roughly $192,500 for the national average.
Arizona cost of living

Public Transportation

moving from san diego to arizona
From a trolley to buses and a light rail, there are several reliable options for public transportation in Arizona. Phoenix’s Valley Metro bus service is most popular, but Phoenix’s 20 mile light rail knowns as METRO runs from northern Phoenix to Mesa with popular stops in downtown Phoenix and Tempe.
If you drive a car, keep in mind that traffic is a consideration throughout the streets more so than the freeways. In addition, the light rail is planned to expand before 2030. Tucson trolley runs from the UA to downtown. In terms of freeways, Interstate 15 runs through Arizona between Nevada and Utah, and Interstate 40, runs through Arizona between California and New Mexico. Interstate 8 runs from San Diego, California to Interstate 10 midway between Phoenix and Tucson. Tucson does not have an extensive freeway system. Thus, street traffic can be compromising. Though, traffic in Arizona is typically limited to the larger markets, compared to steady on major highways, and often times a non-issue throughout the rest of the state
For the best of parking tips, consider street and parking signs where you’ll find restricted parking areas requiring permits or payment. The areas with ample free parking may have restrictions on days and times that spaces are open. If you wish to forgo driving, public transportation is an option, along with a move to Oatman, AZ, where the residents travel by way of donkey.
Walkable areas exist in downtown Phoenix and downtown/shopping districts of neighboring communities such as Scottsdale and Tempe. Arizona’s larger cities are sprawling spread outs, making them not walkable.
Phoenix does not have an intercity train service nor Amtrak, but Amtrak does provide rail service Maricopa and Tucson, south of Phoenix. Amtrak buses are an option at Sky Harbor International Airport with direct connections to Flagstaff, Arizona. Instead, the METRO light rail that runs throughout Phoenix.
Public transportation in Tucson is available through Sun Tran and the trolley, but traffic is a consideration that is unavoidable. There are two freeways in Tucson that skirt most of the city. Bicycles are popular in Tucson, with its wide, well-marked bike lanes on the streets. A shortcut through the city are the bike paths along dry creeks and riverbeds in Tucson.
Local Public Transportation in Arizona
Type of Transportation Location
Air Travel Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX)
Air Travel Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (AZA)
Air Travel Tucson International Airport (TUS)
Bus Valley Metro (Phoenix)
Bus Sun Tran (Tucson)
Bus Greyhound
Bus Amtrak
Rail Amtrak
Light Rail METRO
Moving Resources
Consider the location of your new employer when searching for housing in Arizona. With many great chooses in terms of cities, locating an Arizona home near the office is easy to do. There are ten major employers in Arizona, not including city jobs, government jobs, and school careers.
Public transportation in Arizona


moving to phoenix from San Diego
If you can take the heat, you’ll likely find comfort in moving to Arizona. Phoenix, Tucson and their surrounding areas are really hot most of the time. Hotter yet are Yuma, Bullhead City and Lake Havasu. Many areas in Arizona are warm and comfortable Sure, most of the areas are pleasant and warm in the spring and fall, The good news is that Arizona is dry heat. The humidity is usually tolerable even during monsoons from late June to early September.
Still it is well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during daytime in many of the hotter areas in the summer from May to September. The spring and fall seasons average roughly 85 degrees, and the winter high cools down to an average of 65 degrees. The nights of all seasons cool off quite a bit and range from around 45 degrees in the winter to 80+ degrees in the summertime These temperatures can range 15 degrees different among the cities.
Mountain areas of Arizona in the Spring are quite comfortable, but winter produces heavy snow and heat waves are often during the summer. The changing colors of the leaves in the fall are breathtaking among the mountains.
Arizona climate


The right choice for the education of your children is a full- time task initially. This is because there are many schools to choose from. For example, Phoenix is home to more than 30 school districts. Funding for schools in Arizona has taken a hard hit, but there are plenty of great teachers and facilities in Arizona. This includes elementary, middle and high schools.
There are many scholarship driven and affordable public universities in Arizona, including Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, and more.
Government Legal Requirements
For Arizona Government Resources, visit AZ.gov.
To register to vote, do so at your County Recorder’s Office. If you have an Arizona Driver’s License, you may to register to vote online.
To register your vehicle and obtain a new driver’s license, do so at the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).
For tax data, visit IRS.gov.