Book Packing

Our San Diego movers will provide you with 20 free book boxes to help contain the costs for your move, but our support does not end there. Our San Diego movers can professionally pack your books for a great price or you can learn how to pack your own books from us. Book packing can be seamless with our tips!

Often times, books on some of the finest possessions you have in your home.  While they may only seem to take up space, books can be a friendly reminder of a wonderful story or representative of a certain era in time.  A display of books in your home adds to the character of your new home.  So, it’s no surprise that most people who are moving like to bring them along. 

First, make certain you use book boxes. These types of boxes have the support and durability necessary for making moves. Books boxes are small and compact, making them simple to lift and move especially because they are heavy.  Because of the durability of book boxes, you need not worry about breakage at the seams of the boxes.

The key to packing books is to pack as many as possible in each book box. Pairing up equal sized books can help you to maximize your space. You can pack them by laying them flat in the box or standing them up with the open side facing a wall or the floor of the box.

The key to packing valuable or precious books is to wrap packing paper around the book before packing.  You may also want to consider packing it in its own special tiny box. 


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