As we all know moving is not a fun filled task, more often than not it is the one thing that we all perceive as a huge hassle. Here are some helpful tips that will allow the process of moving be as hassle free as possible. Commercial moving and big moves could require some major preparations on your behalf. As you are deciding on your budget and whether or not you are going to be paying for a full pack service for your move, or whether you are going to pack yourself prior to the move, consider the following tips. Once you have decided on this important factor you will be able to establish a plan of execution for your move.

First off, sort through your belongings, decided what you may want to dispose of, give to charity, sell, recycle, or plainly throw away. This first step is crucial to your move, once you have gone through everything you will know what is where and also you will be able to categorize the items as you pack for your upcoming move. Secondly, gather all the necessary supplies for you move such as boxes of various sizes, tapes, labels, markers, bubble, plastic, etc. Utilize the space of the boxes well by packing valuables and kitchen goods in small boxes. Distribute the weight of heavy items in order to minimize any damages of your goods within the boxes. As you pack move from room to room to try keep things in the same boxes if possible. Lastly, if you are considering moving your refrigerator, defrost your refrigerator two days prior to the move. Be sure to unplug it and clean it out to reduce any possibility of mildew occurring from the dampness. Secure all the shelves and drawers in the refrigerator to allow for easy transport in the move. The same notion applies for your dryer and washer. Unplug the units and clean them out well as well as dry them to prevent any mildew from growing.

So as you are going through the steps to have a successful move, remember that your helpful sales representative at One Stop Moving will gladly offer you any tips or suggestions for your upcoming move. Don’t hesitate call One Stop Moving today to get more information for your upcoming move!