Perhaps, today you’ve made the decision to move. Worst case, you only have hours or a day to plan. The countdown is on. Time is of the essence. Well, there’s no need to send waves of panic into your space. Help can be on the way.


With emergency services by OS Moving San Diego, there is no reason to think twice knowing that our company is fully licensed, bonded and insured. OS Moving San Diego team members can provide you with a free moving estimate immediately. We can perform a visual inspection of your household goods for a binding estimate. We can be on board to help you pack your household goods safely and securely. Our quick and efficient service offers professionalism, reliability and makes your transition to your new location a smooth one.  


OS Moving San Diego is there to help you maintain your schedule during your emergency move. We understand that time is of the essence. This means that we are available to respond immediately to serve you for all of your moving, packing and storage needs.


OS Moving San Diego reps are ready to resolve your moving issues.  You won’t need to wait long since we are always ready to serve San Diego, surrounding areas and long distance moves. That’s right, regardless of where you are, OS Moving representatives can be at service in a very short time for a complete evaluation.


  • First, we’ll evaluate the number of boxes you need and furnishings that you have. Then, we will evaluate your home lay out to develop solutions to any obstacles that may slow down your moving process.
  • We will estimate the number of free wardrobe boxes and size of other moving boxes that you will need for your move. We will estimate the number of free dollies, such as cargo box dollies and appliance dollies, as well as the number of moving cushion pads that you will need for your move.
  • We’ll evaluate your need for our packing and storage services.
  • Finally, we will identify your need to dissemble and assemble furnishings so our highly trained professionals can be prepared to do the job for you. Our highly trained personnel are available for disassembling and assembling your furnishings at your current residence and new home.


On Track for Your Move

Once we’ve gathered this information, we will be able to professionally pack, dissemble, transfer and assemble your household goods.  In fact, we provide many free supplies, such as wardrobe boxes, to help you to contain the costs for your move.



For fast, reliable, professional service from a moving company that is licensed, bonded and insured, contact OS Moving and Storage today at        !