As a landlord, it is important to act swiftly to secure your property following an eviction. At OS Moving San Diego, we understand the importance of securing your property following an eviction. Too often, people who have been evicted leave some or all of their belongings behind, while working on a new place to live. For a moving company in San Diego that can meet your eviction needs, contact OS Moving and Storage. Our team of moving and storage professionals can meet your deadlines to help you prepare your property for a new tenant.

Evicted tenants are usually forced into a difficult situation. They may not have a place to move their belongings. It is on these occasions that landlords may be obligated to store the tenant’s belongings. OS Moving and Storage can be on hand for last minute moves, as well as, the need for safe and secure storage facilities. In addition, our storage units are offered in a variety of sizes and are quipped with temperature control for reliable storage of your tenant’s household goods.

In fact, we provide complete packing services, including disassembly, to give you peace of mind as you make the transition from one tenant to another.  As a landlord, you need to relieve yourself from the responsibility of your evicted tenant. OS Moving and Storage can help you to alleviate such strains so you can focus on preparing your property for the next tenant.

When it’s important for landlords and building managers to hire an eviction mover, check in with our eviction movers. We know how to respond immediately. We also know quickly and safely pack, as well as, secure your tenant’s household goods in our storage facilities.

For an immediate response to your moving, packing, transfer and storage needs, contact Os Moving and Storage today at