The moving team has just informed you that there are a few things they can’t transport. Fluffy is one item that by law your moving company will not be able to move. The law states that animals and pets cannot be transported in a moving truck. Do you have a green thumb? Make sure you have room in your vehicle for your plants because the law also prohibits plants from being transported in moving trucks. You may uproot your plants if moving nearby, but if you plan on moving over 150 mile then uprooting is not allowed!
Similarly, any flammable or combustible items are prohibited from being transported. These items may include anything from gas cans, pesticides, fertilizers, or propane tanks. These items are considered to be hazardous and not safe for transporting. While this may seem like a huge inconvenience, we have you in mind from start to finish. We want to ensure that your possessions will reach your new destination as safely as possible. We also recommend that you transport personal items such as cash, jewelry, and other important documents. While this isn’t prohibited by law, we feel it would be in your best interest to carry these items with you! Our goal at One Stop Moving is to make sure your items arrive in the same way they left, providing you with safe and professional service every time!
We recommend that you plan ahead of time before the big day. Here is a list of prohibited items for your convenience.