Fast Tracking the Announcement of Your Move

There are many tasks associated with moving. One of those tasks is getting the word out to your family and friends about your move. With so many other priorities, it’s nice to know that there are some simple ways to reach the masses about your move to your new home. At OS Moving San Diego, we want you to have all the details.  With OS Moving San Diego, you can’t go wrong.

Before you leave, it might be nice to let those important people in your daily life to know you’ll stay in their lives by planning future events. Whether it’s a holiday, vacation or a day long picnic, planning a reunion can help preserve everlasting friendships with those you care about. This can be particularly important to children who will be leaving their familiar neighborhood. Having old friends in their old neighborhood can be reassuring to children who move.

For a fast path to reach the masses of friends you have, you can get the word out on your wall with Facebook. You can also upload photos of your new location to give you friends a real feel for your new home.  You can also plan an event in your home, such as, a housewarming party.   

For a bulletin approach, make a short to-the-point post on Twitter. With 144 characters to write, you can get the details out and get right back to packing and unpacking. Link up a video to your new home to provide viewers with a more intimate feel of your new home.

For face-to-face long distance encounters, Skype and Google Chat offer a way for you and others in your old neighborhood to chat on an ongoing basis with visual and audio communication. In fact, they can even see your new home. Who knows- they may have some tips for your new home lay out? 

For the personal old fashioned touch, you can write a special note and copy it on fine paper for your friends and family members. One of the best topics is about your new life in your new home after your move.


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