The final week doesn’t have to be hectic. Knowing how to make the final week,go easily and efficiently can make all the difference in the world. This is providing you have completed the other details found in our moving checklist countdown, including:

  • Utility transfers
  • Change of address requests
  • Mover hiring
  • Eliminating “throw aways”
  • Returns and picks up of household item
  • Bank changes
  • New home reserve Items packed
  • Non-living area(s) packed
  • Yard sale


At One Stop Moving San Diego, we are also working on the final days of your move. From equipping our trucks with your every need to confirming the details that will allow your move to be most efficient, our experts are also on hand to answer any last minute questions that come up.  With One Stop Moving San Diego, you can rest assured that every precaution is taken to ensure your move will go smoothly.



1 Week:  


  • Confirm movers time and address information
  • Recruit friends to help at current address and new address
  • Arrange for sitters, such as babysitters, caregivers and pet sitters
  • Return Cable/DSL apparatus, carpet shampooers and the like


1 Day:


  • Cell phone and lap top charged
  • Pack one suitcase of clothes for each person, including tooth brush and toothpaste
  • Pack one suitcase with eye glasses, prescriptions, special needs, reading material.


Day of the Move:


When the day starts, there are a few tips for you to know about.


  • Wake up Early
  • Remove Garbage
  • Exchange Cell Phone Numbers with the Mover’s Drivers


When you and the movers are ready to leave the house, check for the following.


  • · Check closets, drawers throughout the house, outdoors and kitchen appliances to be certain that nothing has been left behind.
  • · Turn off light switches, air conditioning, heaters, fans and/or water.


From One Stop Moving San Diego, congratulations on your new home! For all of your moving needs, contact One Stop Moving San Diego at 1- 800-456-6834.