Now, you’ve made your decision about the location for your new residence, but there’s a lot more that goes into moving than the choice for your new home. It’s time to take the stress out the details that go into relocation. Keeping it simple can go along way when it comes to getting the job done. Check out our comprehensive moving checklist that you should begin to complete four weeks before the day of your relocation.
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Utility Transfers: Utility transfers can be made simple when you have an organizer to help you; that is a 3 ring binder to hold your account details and the rest of your moving information. When making utility transfer calls, be certain to have account numbers handy, the address for your new home and a note pad for notes. Request turn off date at the old residence one day before your move date and request the turn on date at your new location the day before you move. Be sure to track refunds expected from your current home utility companies as well as deposits expected for your new residence. Don’t forget each one, including:
• Electricity, Gas and/or Propane Services
• Landline and Cell Phone Service, check into phone service rates that may change upon relocation.
• Internet Service, including broadband, DSL and changes, such as router cost advantages compared to Cable Company Internet Service Provider Services.
• Cable and/or satellite
• Trash and recycling pick up dates, including haulers or “good will” companies for throw away items
• Water, including city guidelines for usage
• Sewer
• Security System
Change of Address Requests: Since it can take up to three weeks for U.S. mail to be rerouted through the postal system, submit your change of address form at your local post office within the four week time frame. It’s also wise to contact people who send you mail regularly to give them your new address and to discuss related concerns.
• Physicians, Dentist and Pharmacy, including health records
• Accountant
• Lawyer
• Banks and Investment Broker(s)
• Credit Card Companies
• Credit Bureaus
• Companies in which you have disputes, such as courts.
• Department of Motor Vehicles
• IRS Form 8822 for Move
• Insurance Services, such as health, life, auto.
• Child Care and Pet Care
• Home Services, such as House Cleaning, Water Delivery and Dry Cleaners.
• Home Inspections, such as required or optional for home purchases.
• Outdoor Maintenance, such as lawn care and snow removal.
• Health Club
• Professional and Social Organizations
• Membership Organizations, such as VFW
• Schools for Children and Alumni Associations for Adults.
• Subscriptions to newspapers and magazines
• Passport
• Employers, including business cards
Pack: Planning for packing is the best way to start. The process of elimination is the first task. This includes the “throw aways”, such as:
• Items for friends
• Charity Gifts
• Yard Sale Goods
• Trash, including unnecessary papers and clutter
Then, start packing the delicate items first and leave only the basics out.
Recruit Movers: It’s wise to schedule your movers four weeks before your move in order to be certain that the moving company you select us available for the time slot you request. Consider having friends help you prepare for the move. Alternatively, ask your moving company if they have professional packers who can come to your home and pack it up for you. Now, it’s time to pick up the fundamentals.
Moving boxes, including newspapers, packing peanuts, tape, utility knife, label markers
Before you buy moving supplies, ask your movers about specials and discounts for moving supplies. You may be surprised.
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By now, it’s time to check out our two week moving checklist.