So as you are preparing to move, you may wonder what would be a better option hiring a professional moving company or doing it yourself. Here are some helpful tips that may help you make your decision process easier.

When you consider renting a truck from a rental company be sure that there are no hidden fee’s or any additional charges written in fine print. Most companies will charge for the usage of the truck a minimal fee but you are then responsible for the mileage and the rate can be steep. Prior to your move you will need to pack all your belongings as securely as possible to allow them to be transported during the move. You will need to load and unload the truck yourself and moving can be a very laborious task that can take a toll. If you need any additional types of equipment to assist you in the move, be sure that you have everything you need ready to go before you begin the process.

If you choose to hire a professional moving company you may consider packing your own belongings to lower the cost, once that task is done you can sit back and relax while the crew of movers moves you out of you old home into your new home. Your large furniture will be covered and well protected with moving pads during the move until they reach the new destination.

Once you decide what your budget allows you to afford consult with different truck rental companies as well as moving companies. Often there a special promotions that the sales representative can inform you of, do not rule out your options before you have checked all of them. One Stop Moving & Storage is here to help you with all your moving needs!