Moving requires several considerations. One of which is space. Twenty five years ago, most families were comfortable in modest sized homes. Siblings shared bedrooms and 2000 square feet was enough for everyone. The 21st century has produced a new type of family. It seems as if people aren’t satisfied with modest square footage any more. Folks want more space and children want their own rooms. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting a larger home, let’s take a look at why this may not be such a great idea in the grand scheme of things.

Let’s not forget that our country is still in an economical slump. We are heading towards another one that may make this last one look good. So why raise your debt higher than it needs to be? Why pay more taxes and higher electric bills when the fact remains that economy isn’t going to improve any time soon? There are people who have decided to downsize and leave their existing larger homes, moving into smaller ones. There are folks who have decided not to lock themselves into a mortgage. They have purchased some land and decided to build small homes on their new property, some of which are only 200-500 square feet.

By moving into a large home , you acquire more things. The more you have the more space you’ll need. So eventually you decide to move to an even larger home, and the cycle keeps going. The smaller the home, the less you’ll need-and the less you’ll pay for your utilities.

There’s also another benefit from owning a smaller home-more time with family. It is a proven fact that larger homes mean family members will be spread out. Living in smaller quarters means that you’ll be closer to each other-thus spending more quality time with the people you love.

If you decide to downsize, you’ll still need to move your belongings from point A to point B. One Stop Moving & Storage San Diego can help you with all of your moving needs, whether you choose a large home or a small one!

Happy Moving!