If you are interested in high quality of life, low crime, affordability, and beautiful landscape, look no further than Utah. Check out what you need to know before moving to Utah.

  1. Utah’s National Parks Light Up the Scene

Where you can find classic and artistic rock formations, Utah is the place to be. Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands and Arches are the primary national parks, aside from the rest of the state’s beautiful scenery.

  1. Low Unemployment

Utah’s residents enjoy the thriving job market, leading to a high quality life.  In the list of cities for a high quality of life lies Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah. For creatives in 2018, Salt Lake City placed first in  SmartAsset’s list of the best cities.

  1. Salt Lake City is Full of Lively Activities

Some quarters in Salt Lake City might lend the impression that it is a homogeneous, staid city. Yet, you’ll likely be impressed by its lively social scene. Add to this, the state is known to host a booming craft beer industry.

  1. Salt Lake City is a Traveler’s Delight

Salt Lake City is a travel hub. As Delta’s western hub, frequent travelers enjoy this astronomical Delta hub. There are plenty of options for travelers in Utah.

  1. The Sundance Film Festival is a Must See

The Sundance Film Festival filled with world class food, accommodations, and more. A wealthy crowd is attracted to the adventures at the Sun Dance Film Festival. The annual festival also gives a boost to Utah’s economy. In Park City, Utah, join in the fun if you love film or celebrity watching.

  1. The Time is Now to Buy in Utah

Utah home values have risen 7.4% over the past year. With the median home value at $233,200 in the past year and climbing, you can expect to receive a short-term return on investment. Long term returns have not been calculated.  Check out current Utah mortgage rates!

  1. Utah May Not be the Best for Retirement

If you don’t want you Social Security benefits taxed, you may not want to retire in Utah. Retirement Account Withdrawals are fully taxed as well. Not the most tax friendly state, but not the least either.

  1. Interested in a Flat-Tax State, Move to Utah

Utah has a flat state income tax of 5%. Property taxes in Utah are low comparatively speaking, while sales taxes run approximately equal to the U.S. average.

  1. Winter Sports Are In in Utah

All Winter sports are popular in Utah, especially skiing and snowboarding. If you are interested in an active lifestyle and enjoy the outdoors in Winter, then you’ll be a big part of the state economy exploring the many types of sporting activities in Utah.

  1. Utah is Home to Specialty Cuisine.

Jello is a favorite of Utahans, but very unique are Fry Sauce and funeral potatoes. There are numerous other famously special foods throughout the state. Treat your pallet to some fine cuisine! Check into Utah’s specialty cuisine.

  1. Utah’s economy is Robust

Utah’s economy is built upon on mining, tourism, finance, agriculture, petroleum and more. If you’re interested in a job in Utah, you can find diversity here.

  1. Utahans Take Faith in Genealogy

Getting connected to your ancestors is a big deal in this Beehive State. Many share the Mormon heritage, but what makes Utah unique, is the state’s center for genealogical research. Researching one’s family tree is popular in Utah.

  1. Provo, Utah is on Top of its Game

Provo, Utah is hitting the charts for its low unemployment rate and high quality of life. The city made SmartAsset’s list of the Top 10 Cities for Career Opportunities in 2016. Provo also topped the charts on other top ten lists, such as the Metro Areas with the Most Mansions.

  1. Utah is Not a Blue State, it’s a Friendly Red State.

With conservative political views, you might expect for Utah to be conflictive when it comes to Blues. Not true though, Utahans are very friendly. So, you don’t have to be in conflict with different political views.

  1. Utah is Great for Astronomy

Utah is a galaxy of its own with beautiful stargazing sites. You can take the study of astrology off your bucket list in Utah!
Tallying It Up
Utah is home to many new residents who enjoy Utah’s beautiful landscape, thriving economy and high quality of life. If you want to move to Utah, join in the celebration of others who are moving to Utah along with you!
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