Need Help Moving From San Diego to Long Beach, California?
If you are someone you know is moving from San Diego to Long Beach, California, then you could use the services provided by One Stop Moving and Storage. Our establishment was created in 2008, in efforts to assist any customer in the moving process. For the past decade, we have done just that, as shown by our accreditation through the BBB and high ratings across review sites. To gain additional trust from our clients, we also offer mover’s insurance to guarantee the safety of your valuables. You have nothing to lose with us, and all the energy to gain.
If you would like to initiate a transaction with us, you must first contact our outstanding customer service professionals. Each representative has been trained to assist you with anything you may need throughout the moving process. From first contact, they will answer any questions you may have and provide you with any support you need. Once you have booked your move, you can have our experienced movers come to your home or office and pack your belongings for you. They will use our state-of-the-art moving cargo to protect your belongings during transit. During the move, they will do all the heavy lifting, only needing you to direct them where you want everything. If you need help holding your belongings until you can sell or place them, we also offer storage units that will hold and protect your object until you can find a place for them. Regardless of your needs, we can help you move. Phone us today and be confident your move will go smooth!
One Stop Moving & Storage Inc. is a team of dedicated moving experts that has been planning, coordinating and executing moves between San Diego and Long Beach, CA for over a decade and is ready to help you in every aspect of your move. Our experience in moving between the two areas is unrivaled and detailed down to the many different climate change issues that come up during different times of the year and the time zone differences (Long Beach, CA doesn’t recognize day light savings so don’t forget to factor that in when scheduling deliveries and appointments!)
When you chose One Stop Moving & Storage Inc. to take care of your move between San Diego and Long Beach, CA you’ll be assigned a personalize moving coordinator that will be available to you leading up to, during and after your move. Your personalize move coordinator will walk you through everything you need to know and do to make your move a success. Have pets and don’t know how to move them? What about living plants that need to be watered every day? What if you have a gap of time between your pick up and delivery dates and don’t know if you should store your items in San Diego or Long Beach, CA? What should you pack for your first and second day of the move? All of these details and more are discussed with you over the course of your move.
So now you’ve planned your move and understand the next steps, now One Stop Moving & Storage Inc. will do all the work for you! Well, we don’t pack and ship humans so you’ll need to get yourself to your destination… but everything other than that! Allow our packing team to wrap and pack your items to prevent breakage and damage and to maximize organization while you’re unpacking. Our labeling system ensures you won’t be playing the ‘where’s that thing?’ game for months after your move. And our transportation system will ensure the safest space for your items during the move.
Call today to start planning your moving experience with One Stop Moving & Storage Inc. and see what we can do for you!