It’s One Thing to Pack, It’s Another to Unpack

Moving has a lot to do with packing and unpacking. The good news is that if you pack things right to begin with, you’ll have an easier time unpacking. By the same token, OS Moving San Diego knows there are a few things you can do when it comes to unpacking, that will be sure to help make the days and weeks in your new home go smooth.  The final task for moving can be simple with the right protocol for unpacking through OS Moving San Diego!

Spot 1: The bathroom is a great place to start. You’ll probably want to unpack the main bathroom first, at the least, to ensure easy access for helpers who are assisting in the move.  

Spot 2:  Since OS Moving San Diego provides wardrobe boxes, you can easily slide your clothes off the rungs of the wardrobe boxes right into your closets.

Spot 3: OS Moving San Diego may also assist with your electronics so you can obtain a leading edge on your living room and other areas where your electronics will be located.

Spot 4: If you’ve packed priority suitcases with a few days clothing, it can be easy to whip out these suitcases so you can start on bigger priorities. 

Spot 5: The kitchen priority boxes are next. The first items are food, especially perishable items. You’ll also want to have handy silverware, tinfoil, paper plates, dishes, a few pots and a frying pan. Then, you can always focus on other kitchen boxes later.

Spot 6: After your movers assemble your beds, you can start with your bedroom sheets and pillow cases to make up your beds for the first night in your new location. Then, move to other essentials for your bedrooms. 

Spot 7: Living room comforts make a great investment in time for the first night in your new home.

By now, you’ll have relieved yourself of some of the most important essentials.  Don’t forget to charge your computer laptop and phone before you go to sleep. Don’t get too tired or stressed in the coming days. You can always rearrange along the way if you don’t get too many rooms going at a time.   With simply empting a few boxes a day starting with the priority boxes and rooms, the first week in your new home will certainly go smooth. 


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