Moving can be one of the most stressful times in your family’s lives with so many emotions to deal with.  No member of the family is exempt from the stress that is involved with moving. While the adults are worrying about the ordeal of planning and organizing, the children are worried about leaving their friends and making new ones once they arrive to their new home. So how do you keep it the family all together during this moving mayhem?

Discuss the move with your family from the very beginning. Get feedback from the oldest child, right down to the youngest (providing they can talk). It is understandable that as the adult you have the authority to make the final decision, but it is also important to hear the feedback of your children as well.

Get everyone involved with the big move. Assign each person a task so everyone has a responsibility in the move. Focusing on an assigned task can also help keeping the mind off the emotional part of the move.

Take a breather in the midst of all the chaos. No down time could cause more stress that’s not needed. Take time to go to a movie or visit some friends. Order a pizza and watch a movie together at home. Just take a breather to break up the mundane chores of packing and box labeling.

Remember that each family member is experiencing the move on his own terms. What you may be feeling, may not be what another family member is feeling. Take time to talk about the move with your family. You may be surprised at the different level of emotions that are being experienced. It’s important to realize that no feeling is wrong; everyone marches to the beat of a different drum. And while moving can be stressful, it can also be an exciting time full of surprises and anticipation.

Happy Moving!