Kids can be Assets during Your Move

Our San Diego movers would like to ensure that we will be your best assets during your move. Yet, kids like to know that there are things they can do. Plus, kids can really be helpful when it comes to a move. Our San Diego movers have some ideas for how your kids can help make your move smooth.

Reduce Your Load: Reducing your load can save you valuable time and money during your move and children’s excess items can help you get there. Allowing your children to sort through their prized possessions to remove unwanted items can be a growth opportunity for your child, while reducing your load at the same time.


Your children might enjoy making boxes by flapping in the sides and taping them. They might also like wrapping unbreakable items, like books.

Box Labeling

Your children might be able to label your boxes to include the name of the room, contents description, priority boxes, fragile or handle with care, and car boxes.

Water Girl or Boy

Your child might like handing out water to helpers in need.

Trash Removal

You children might not mind being on trash detail to pick up packing paper and break up boxes with a jumping spree that release some of their energy. 


Some children are great at cleaning. A little Windex here and 409 there. They may take charge in this area so you don’t have it.

Create a Memory Spot

Your child will certainly appreciate creating a special memory spot in the backyard. They can dig a small hole in the backyard, write down their fondest memories and place the paper deep in the ground.

Be the DJ

Your children will like taking charge as the DJ. You can always pre-select  your favorites and they can surprise you with the line-up.

Pet Sitting

Your child will certainly enjoy babysitting your pet on the day of your move. Making sure that your pet has water, food and maybe a trip to a nearby park can give your children a sense of ownership in the move.   

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