Labeling Boxes for Your Move

Our San Diego movers want you move to be as speedy as possible. We know how to bring simplicity to your move so we won’t be stepping over your feet on the day of your move. Organization is key for a smooth move. Proper labeling saves you time and headaches on the day of your move. Our San Diego movers know that proper labeling puts ease into your move, while reducing the risk that the contents in your boxes will be damaged or placed in the wrong room. Managing your boxes properly is vital for a successful move and labeling supports that objective tenfold. 

You may think we’re only relating to fragile boxes, but we’re relating to all of your boxes so it can be a simple open and unpack every box in every room of your new home. So, let’s focus on the simplicity of labeling when compared to not labeling and fumbling around for your possessions when you get to your new home.      

To start, purchase large colored markers so you can use a different color for each room and a special color for fragile or valuable items. Then, identify each box with the following information on the top of the box. Also, mark the room and specially mark fragile on two sides of each box.  You can also place arrows to demonstrate the upright position of fragile or valuable boxes. 

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