Four Weeks, Two Weeks and the Final Week of the Move

At One Stop San Diego Moving, we take great pride in understanding your needs to provide a smooth transition through your local or long distance relocation. We know how to ease labor intensive activities so that you can focus on the details that will make your move a pleasurable one. From the big priorities to the small ones, you don’t want to miss a beat when it comes to moving and we can help you prepare for your move before the move day. Exceptional service can be found at One Stop San Diego Moving for all of your needs.

Check out our moving checklist so that you are fully prepared for the countdown!

• The four week checklist is a critical one for moving. By now, you have likely decided upon the location for your new home and have also selected a new home. So, moving arrangements and transfer scheduling are important at this time. Check out our four week checklist timeline.
• A two week moving checklist helps to prevent your move from becoming too hectic. During this time period, it’s best to begin packing. But where do you start? Learn more from our two week moving checklist.
• Now, you’re down to the final week; that is one week before the move, one day before the move, and the day of the move. Providing you’ve fulfilled our checklist items for four weeks and two weeks, you’ll be ready for the final days of moving from your home.

With One Stop San Diego Moving, you can’t go wrong! Click on the links to check out the right timeline for your move. You may also call 800-456-6834 for a free moving quote from one of our highly skilled professionals.

Your move is our concern from the time you decide on the move until you are relaxing comfortably in your new home.