Are All Moving Companies Same?

Moving companies are not all the same. Many of the companies have the same basic standard policies, however they vary with regards to the type of services that are offered, pricing, licensure, fees, and packing.

When you are considering hiring a moving company for your move, be sure that you do your research efficiently. Compare several companies based on their reviews from other customer’s experiences.  Once you have a few companies that are more to your liking, compare their rates.  Generally the rates are within a similar range some may be higher where others are lower.  Make sure that there are no hidden fees in the small print on the website, as well as when you speak to the sales representative clarify the question of hidden fee’s to avoid any future surprises.  Some companies will provide you with the basic materials as a part of the service, moving pads, wardrobe boxes, and the necessary equipment that is needed for any dismantling of items.  At One Stop Moving & Storage, we will provide you with 20 free boxes once you have booked your move, be sure to ask your sale representative about your free boxes.  When you select a moving company, make sure that the company is fully licensed and bonded, avoid any company who is not licensed or bonded. When you are researching the various companies, make certain that they will meet your needs and provide the services you will need. Not all companies will move piano’s, or dismantle items that needed to be moved. Be sure that you ask the sales representative whether the staff is full time based or day laborers. This is important to consider when you choose the company. Full time staff employee’s are professional and will provide you with the best quality service.

At One Stop Moving & Storage, we will provide you with all you needs for you moving; don’t hesitate call and speak to a sales representative today.