Packing Electronics

At OS Moving San Diego, we will be there for you for every step in the preparation of your move. With our free in-home estimate, we can estimate the number of boxes and types of packing supplies you’ll need. OS Moving San Diego can also return to your home to deliver all of your packing supplies through our complete line of supplies. We can also professionally pack any portion or all of your possessions, if you so desire. In the meantime, we’ve got some suggestions for packing your electronics to provide ease for your move. 

It’s great if you’ve got the original boxes for your electronics. Yet, we can always supply you with the proper wrapping and boxes if necessary.  One item you will want to purchase is colored labels to mark your cords and match them to the right ports on your electronics.  

This first step is to break out your electronic instruction manual and refer to the disassembly instructions. If you do not have the instruction manual, you can usually find one on your product manufacturer’s website.  As you disassemble your electronic, you may want to jot down tips for assembly and disassembly. Then, you can store   your tips with your instruction manual in the designated box you have for your electronic.

Next, consider the cords. Cords on electronics may be color coated, making them simple to reconnect after your move. Yet, you’ll want to be certain to keep groupings of cords together by taping them to the electronic directly or placing them in the designated box for your electronics. If there is no color coating on the cords, you can use the colored labels you purchased. Just be certain to apply the labels to the cords and corresponding ports before you disconnect them.

Special Tips

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