Packing Your Glassware

At OS Moving San Diego, we want you to be fully prepared for your move. So, we are prepared to provide you with packing tips for your glassware. Of course, rest assured we have full service professional packing services that can be limited to your glassware, if you prefer to take advantage of our experience for packing glassware safely and securely at a very affordable price. In the meantime, OS Moving San Diego invite you to learn more about our ideas for optimal glassware packing should you decide to go for it on your own.  

First, it’s important to have high quality packing supplies for your glassware. So, we can come to your home to evaluate your glassware packing needs at no cost. Then, we’ll return to your home to deliver your glassware packing kit filled with high quality dish pack cell cartons, packing paper and the right tape for getting the job done properly.   Our glassware cartons and supportive supplies help prevent your glasses from moving around while in transit, greatly diminishing the risk that you’ll have any breakage. In fact, we typically do not experience breakage in any of our moves when boxes are prepared properly.

Secondly, we recommend that you cushion the bottom and sides of your cartons for ultimate security.   Next, we suggest that you singularly roll each glass into 3 to 4 packing papers, tucking the leftover paper into the glass as your roll the glass into the paper. Glasses should be placed in the box with the rim on the floor of the box. For the next row, a divider can be placed to serve as flooring and to provide added protection for your glasses.  Once the box is full, you can fill in open gaps on the sides and in between glasses with packing paper. 

Don’t forget to mark each box “fragile” on top and on the sides. It’s also wise to draw arrows on each box to indicate the upright position that the box should be in at all times.

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