Planning for the Total Cost of Your Move

At OS Moving, our commitment is to provide you with the best price for your move. Whether your move consists of simply lifting and transport, packing supplies and/or professional packing services, our goal is to provide you with top tier moving services at the most affordable price.  Of course, there are always costs that we can’t control. So, we’d like to offer a quick overview of the costs you can expect so you can best plan and not let your moving costs get out of control.   

Electricity and Gas Utility

If it’s a first time move and you have not established credit, you may be required put a deposit down for your services. Alternatively, there is usually at least a connection fee to initiate service.

Cable, Internet and Phone

There are typically very attractive packages available for cable, Internet and land line phone service. These companies usually have a connection fee as well. In some cases, a  deposit is required to commence services.

New Furnishings and Accessories

It may be necessary for you to purchase new items to replace old furnishings that won’t work in your new home.  Often, you’ll need to purchase new curtain rods and/or curtains to fit your new windows. You may wish to buy new bathroom rugs, towels and shower curtain to start fresh in your new home.   You may wish to discard difficult to move plants at your old home and it’s easy to fill in a new home with new plants.   You may need to add more lighting in your new home.


To get back to a well-stocked pantry, you’ll probably do some extra shopping after you arrive at your new home. Canned foods, refrigerated condiments, and snacks may be top priorities on your first shopping list at your new home.  

Household Goods

Add to your shopping list cleaning supplies, light bulbs, waste baskets, and storage containers, your first time shopping extravaganza may be $300.00 or more just for the basics.

Car Costs

You’ll want to determine if you’ll need to pay for parking at home or at work. You’ll also want to plan for car registration and licensing if you moved out of state.


If you need storage, check out our state-of-the-art storage facility for great pricing, clean units and climate controlled units available. 

For a free over the phone or in-home estimate that will give you the best price for your moving needs, contact us at 858.693.3622!