Planning Your Move

To make sure that your moving day doesn’t turn into a moving night, which leaves everyone feeling fatigued and more prone to accidents, we recommend the following number of movers based on the size of your move. These numbers serve only as guidelines based on the average moving experience and are not reflective of everyone’s personal situation. When you call to set up your moving day, we will determine together if these are right for you.

To help plan and control your moving costs it is important to understand all the rates* and fees that may apply during your move. We are able to accommodate partial moves (at a minimum of 4 hours) for people that would like to stick to a set budget. These moves often include moving only furniture and not boxes, or only certain areas of the house. We can work together on a moving plan that fits your budget. Here’s a simple breakdown of how charges apply:

30 minutes x 2= 60 min
Example: If the drive from your old house to your new house is 15 minutes, the contract will state 15min x 2 = 30min for drive time. The 30 minutes is charged at the agreed upon standard rate for your entire move.

Hands down the best tool at your disposal for planning and preparing for your moving day is to have a Visual Estimate (either in person or virtual options are available). We can work together to find a 15-20-minute window for a Professional Appraiser to come to your house and assess the non-boxable items that will need to be moved. For your
convenience or your preference, these assessments can also be conduct via FaceTime or other virtual means. Here is what you can expect from an assessment: