Long distance moves require a lot of homework. First, you have to research companies to identify those who appear to have your best interests at heart. Then, you have to inquire about their licensing, insurance and bonding. You need to know about their background when making a long distance move. It may be quite a task, but a task that prevents any hardship should your prize possessions be tampered with in any way or the cost for moving is out of line. So, there’s pricing to consider. It is important to evaluate all of the costs associated with a long distance move.

At OS Moving San Diego, we take pride in simplifying your long distance move. We take charge from every aspect of coordination to ensure that your property is safe and secure every mile of the way. We know the ins and outs of pricing and serve you with the most cost effective approach for your move. At OS Moving San Diego, we know that long distance moves are based on the total weight of the move. So, let’s check out some factors to consider when making a long distance move.

1. Inquire if spare tires, tools, moving blankets, dollies, carts, etc are part of the initial and final weight calculations for pricing.

2. Request that the amount of gas in the tank of the moving vehicle is the same at the initial pick up weight and drop off weight. This will help ensure you are obtaining the true weight of your move.

3. Request to be present at the time of weight in at the pickup and drop off locations.

4. Know that if you request your items be reweighed for any reason, the fees you will be charged is usually the amount that appears in the second reading.

5. Binding estimates guarantee pricing and in some cases, long distance moves are not weighed.

6. Shipments less than 1,100 pounds may be weighed on a certified warehouse scale.

7. There are state certified weight station scales that are used to weight moves over 1,100 pounds.

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