Your San Diego moving company and your pet may be a combination you are concerned about during your move.  Your pet is an important member of your family and we respect your pet’s role in your family. Whether you have a new pet or a fully trained pet, there are some things to consider when it comes to your pet’s role in your move.

Often, it is wisest to have your pet stay at a pet day care center or sitter for the day while your family moves with the assistance of our San Diego movers. This may free your mind from the distraction of caring for your pet during the move. After all, a move impacts your pet too. Your pet may have special needs. Your pet may be intrigued or bothered by the changes that take place before, during and shortly after your move. In both cases, you may be required to tend to your pet with special care in the days before, during and after your move.  It may also be wise to contact a pet trainer who knows how dogs react to changes during moves.

As a moving company, we do ask that you inform us about your pet when inquiring about our moving services.   We can assist in making the appropriate recommendations for your move.

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