The Home Seller’s Packing Timeline

No doubt, moving can be stressful. Fortunately, there are many ways that homeowners can reduce stress and make moving manageable. Working with a professional moving company and getting started months in advance can help.

Six Months Out: Clear Clutter From Your Home

Clutter makes it difficult to sell a home, and also makes it difficult to move. Homeowners who de-clutter in the months before their move can make moving and selling easier. De-cluttering can take time, so it’s a good idea to start six months in advance. It’s important to take an organized approach.
Homeowners can start by going through all storage areas in the home, including closets, the attic and basement. Items that are identified to be thrown away can be sorted into four piles: consignment, recycling, landfill and hand-me-downs. De-cluttering should be done in all parts of the house, not just in the storage areas. De-cluttering in rooms like the living room, bedrooms and kitchen can help make the home look more attractive for home buyers.

Three Months Out: Contact Moving Companies and Real Estate Agents

Homeowners who know their move date well in advance can contact real estate agents and moving companies months before their move. It’s especially important to contact moving companies months in advance if the move will take place at the height of the moving season (summer).
When contacting moving companies, it’s important to check the reputation of each company. Contacting references and reading testimonials online can help homeowners pick the best moving company for their needs. Although price is important, the cheapest movers are not always the best movers. It’s important to find a moving company that provides quality service.
At the same time, interviewing real estate agents can help ensure that the sale side of the move goes smoothly as well. Homeowners who work with an experienced, full-service real estate agent will have more time to dedicate to the packing and moving process.

Two Months Out: Sign a Contract With A Full-Service Moving Company

Once the moving company has been identified, homeowners must sign a contract to ensure that the move is set in stone. When signing the contract, homeowners must ensure that the contract includes details about the cost of the move, the date of the move, expected arrival at the destination and details about how and when the packing will take place.

Two Weeks To Move Date: Touch Base With Your Movers

Before the move date arrives, homebuyers must touch base with the movers to ensure that the schedule is set. At this time, the homeowners and movers can work out details like what time the movers will arrive, where the movers will park and other details.

Moving Day: Be On Hand to Answer Mover Questions

On the day of the move, homeowners must plan to be on hand to answer mover questions and direct the movers as needed. The moving day may be long, so homeowners should block out the whole day for the moving event. For more information about move day, homeowners can speak with their full-service movers.