Packing Tips

It’s best to start your packing at least four weeks before your move to stay ahead of the game.

  • First, begin by removing clutter and unwanted items going from room to room.
  • Then, start by packing a couple of boxes at a time and one room at a time to help keep organized in your current home and your destination.
  • In each box, the heavier items should be packed on the bottom, while the lighter items should remain on the top layers of the box.
  • As you pack, be certain to label each box by room title, denoting special considerations, such as, for fragile items.
  • Create an identification log that will provide you with the number of boxes per room, the total number of boxes and special notes for special boxes. In this way, you can keep your movers accountable and help ensure the safety of your goods during transport.


We’ve got a few more “to do” tips for you, including:

  • Filling material, such as, Styrofoam pellets, tissue paper and corrugated paper rolls, is a must for any box.
  • Secure the bottoms of boxes with packing adhesive tape to ensure the boxes can bear the weight of the packed items.
  • Box weight should not be more than 50 pounds.
  • When packing heavy items, use small boxes.

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