Our San Diego moving company knows, like in any service industry, the fees you’ll be charged by a mover vary widely. There are several factors that may impact the cost of your move. This includes:  geographic location, extent of work being done, and the time required to complete the move. This might sound bewildering. So, at our San Diego moving company, we evaluate your needs with a free moving quote to provide you with the most cost effective price for our services. You can count on fair pricing from OS Moving over the phone and in person with our binding price estimates.  Yet, we do want you know how moving companies conduct business when it comes to cost. This way you can be best prepared when you are dealing with moving companies.

For instance, a simple job like moving twenty boxes from one location to another when neither location has difficult turns or steep steps, will cost less than moving twenty boxes from one location to another where there are difficult turns and steep steps. Even more, pricey may be when moving commercial goods.  In the end, flat rate pricing based on visual inspection can lock in reasonable pricing.

Some moving companies charge more for guaranteed delivery dates. Be sure to ask on the phone if there are additional surcharges before the moving company shows up and does the work to avoid unwelcomed surprises.

The cost varies considerably depending on location and extent of work, but usually can be a flat fee for local moves and fees plus additional service fees for long distance moves. Service on evenings, weekends or holidays may be higher, particularly if your location is remote and the cost-of-living is greater in your area. Obtain cost estimates over the phone to adequately prepare yourself for the expenses. Make sure to find out what is included, and if there are any “hidden” fees. Request a visual inspection binding estimate which our company provides for free.

In a short notice move, it’s hard to comparison shop. Quick decisions are important. However, when you pick up the phone, you should be greeted with all of the answers to your questions if you’ve called the right mover.  Do ask about any discounts or free services. At OS Moving, we offer free in home guaranteed price quotes and free supplies to help make your move cost effective. In fact, we are licensed, bonded and insured which is a small example of our commitment to excellence in moving. With OS Moving, you are making the right decision- just pick up the phone and we’ll tell you why!

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