The Stress of Moving

Psychologists have long recognized that the moving process can be an intensely emotional experience. Most people usually talk about the external parts of the moving process, like packing and choosing a moving company, but they rarely discuss the internal stress that may accompany a move. In the best of times, the exhilaration of moving in with a loved one, creating a fresh start or profiting off the sale of a property can generate a positively charged stress response on a person or persons. In the worst of times, sorting through a life’s worth of belongings, a family splitting apart or being at the mercy of the financial and/or housing market can generate an uncomfortable and negative stress response that seems to be contagious to those around us.
While the operations of our company (as well as many others) excel at supporting the external moving process for our customers, what sets us apart is our recognition of the internal moving process that each person is going through with their own moving process. While we are far from being psychologists that can support mental health, everyone that works at One Stop Moving & Storage is a human being that has gone through the moving process (for better or for worse) and can identify with those feelings of positive and negative stress. We aim to utilize our own experiences during stressful times to relate with and communicate with our customers that are going through the same or similar experiences.
Through our 10+ years of being in the moving industry we have found that communicating is the key to reducing negative stress for people during their move. People want to know what they should expect leading up to the move and on their moving day. Here are a few commonly asked questions about the moving process that we can uncover for you in a few bullet points. However, there’s no shame in calling us for voice on voice communication to talk through these, and any other, parts of the moving process.